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Holy Pally looking for advice to take it to the next level

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I am just looking for advice to squeeze even more from my toon. I am the best single target healer so I mostly focus on the tanks, then anyone who is very low, then myself. I know healing my beacon targets is a HPS loss but that is the slot I fill in our healing team. I feel like I should be able to produce more output. Does anyone have any advice or see any problems?


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Fefwis/simple


Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NkY32vdTy4JrzZwW#fight=21&type=healing&source=30


My rotation:

  1. Holy Shock on CD
  2. Healing Prism on CD if tanks/melee need any healing
  3. EF at 3 on tanks, or low toons, or me if damage is about to happen
  4. Holy Radiance on 6+ targets that need healing
  5. Light of Dawn if its free and everyone is low <- mostly useless I know but I only use it in very dire circumstances
  6. Holy Light on someone who needs healing

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Well I note 3 things mostly:


1) low crit considering your iLevel. If you have the cash to spare crafted bracers with crit would work wonders, since your bracers are not very good.


2) glyph setup. Iron maidens is not a fight to beacon swap much in my opinion so beacon glyph is wasted and so is cleanse glyph, since you shouldn't be dispelling the debuff anyway.  


I would recommend merciful words for the self healing and either flash of light for the enrage phase (although it does kind of suck if you have multiple EFs running around) or mercifull wrath to keep every bombing phase covered ( i assume you don't go up)


3) I don't know if you have any alternatives, but 2pc bonus is almost useless for EF. We should never use LD anyway and you have a druid and a shaman to cover for raid heals so holy radiance + daybreak should be enough from your part.


If you don't have any alternatives, consider going SS to get more HPS from your gear. It's a bit more mana consuming though (not much) and yu may have to ditch Shards of nothing for a trinket with some regen (prefferably a regen procc and a + int passive)

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