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Hi guys,


Is empowered seal a viable talent choise for BRF Heroic progression? Or seraphim of holy shield provide better defense?

I've used Empowered Seals swaping on normal and I found if fun but to play with. But for heroic progression is it viable?



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I feel like all variants viable, but  here some + and - :


+ more haste - more HoPo - more SoR uptime withc lead us to -

+ best dps output

+ higher SoR uptime

+ easy to maintain (no need seal swap, rly, its bad idea)

+ if you have 30% haste, you dont want use it, couse with it haste will be outcapped.

- probably lowest survability boost, couse it give you just more HoPo and no block/parry/armor etc.


+ buff almost all stats

+ good dps

+ good survability boos - better than ES

- need 5 HoPo

- hard to maintain when you start using it, so you have to know how manage your HoPo


+ great stable survability boost

+ lowest dps boost - we dont have high mastery, so wont block often.

+ great for fights with lot of adds

+ passive - no need to maintain

- probably lowest DPS output


Some statistic(i check ~ 20 prot pallys on warcraftlogs):

Sera used by 90% pallys for most fights couse it will give you better stats compare to other talants

ES used 2 ppl, probably couse it just give you a bit higher dps and its fun =)

HS used ONLY for fights with adds, and even so, some still prefer Sera.

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Only time so far i have used ES in raids have been during Flamebender fight cause the haste buff helped me alot to keep my HoPo up better with SoR.

Otherwise i go with Sera most often and on fights with lots off adds (Operator for an example) i go with Holy Shield

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