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Gruul & Iran Maiden Mythic

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For each slice on Gruul:

- I use Shield wall => ok i am alive

- I use Last stand + Sbarrier + Warforged trinket 2150 armor => I die why ?

- I use Last stand + Hand of sacrifice + Sbarrier =>  I die why ?

- I use Demoralizing shout + Hand of sacrifice + Sbarrier + trinket + armor potion => i die why ?


I am always full life before the slice so I do not know  how to manage it. If you have any solution it will be great.



For Iran Maiden:

For Sorka tornado, is it better to use Sblock or Sbarrier ? I try both and I did not notice any difference.


My Logs:


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Do you use SBlock for Inferno Slice?


I didn't raid mythic yet, but saving full 120 rage for Inferno Slice and using both SBlock+SBarrier works wonders on Heroic.

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You absolutely MUST use Shield Block for Inferno Slice. The reason you're dying to the second Slice is that you're essentially naked. The 3 minute CD on Last Stand makes it seem like a big CD, but it's actually very weak. It's equivalent to about a 24% damage "reduction."


Doesn't seem, from your logs that you're prioritizing SBlk for the Slices. Several attempts, you had no blocked Inferno Strikes (the physical portion of Inferno Slice) at all. Others, you had one block, so it looked like those were luck instead of planned uses. With a 1mil+ hit, even a normal block will far outweigh even a full-rage, full-trinket, potion-active SBar. Blocking 300k is superior to absorbing 200k and since you're not actively tanking, you're only going to get around 40k or so from your SBars. I also noticed that on some attempts, you didn't even have SBar up. You must always have Shield Block up for Gruul's Inferno Slice.


For your Slices, I would recommend:

  1. Demo Shout, SBlk, and call for a Hand of Sac from Fruitzyloops
  2. Hand of Protection (you can taunt while under this effect!) OR Last Stand, SBlk, trinket, and Coy's Pain Suppression
  3. Shield Wall, SBlk, Kraby's Hand of Sac.

Iron Maidens: absolutely, unquestioningly block it. However, keep in mind that the damage from Blade Dash comes about 3-4 seconds AFTER the cast finishes. You must use Shield Block right at the end of the cast, NOT the beginning, or Shield Block will fall off before the damage actually hits you.

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