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need help with my holy pala

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I hopy someone can help me.^^


I play Holy paladin and for me it seems that I'm underperforming referring to the eq.


Perhaps you have some advise for me.


Thank you.


(Sorry for my bad English)





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You dont have glyph for bubble+hs, wtf? It's most important glyph for any pally!!! Delete your char!!!


Ok, now other problems =)


Holy Avanger is bad for HolyPaladin, pick Sanctified Wrath.

When you pick 4pT17 you coud swap to DivinePurpose - tier proc+DP proc have rly good sinergy.


I rly do not reccomend use spirit trinkets - better int+spirirt proc or int+stat proc. Usually we do not have mana problems. Chek this.

Also try to stack crit more - 20-25%. I know it's all about drop/rolls but you have low crit, it's not good.


HS more, it shoud be at first place at cast. Seems you miss some of it(~25).

AW more often - you glyph it, but used only 2 times. You coud cast unglyphed 2 times too.

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