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Another help me thread - Holy Priest

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Hi all,


I was hoping to get some advice on my holy skills.. Sometimes I can pull like 50khps but sometimes I'm on the bottom of the charts and I don't see why with my gear.


I frap'sd my latest Heroic Maiden kill in a pug today but my logs failed to upload so I took screenshots of my recount.. I hope that helps.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.









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Holy priests needs consistent damage to get high HPS.  You have a disc priest and resto shammy and druid.  Looks like you have a lot of healing.


You cast renew on MT 55 times, OT 31 times, and for the other 10 people you cast it 41 times total.  There is no reason to cast renew on the two tanks 86 times in one fight.  Spread the renew love to everyone, blanket them with it.  It will act as a filler spell until CoH cools down.  Renew should be your 1st or 2nd highest healing spell, 3rd to 4th highest spell after 2 pieces of tier.


Below is my renew log for a heroic.  I'm not the best geared or the best player, but you can see the difference renew makes if used correctly.



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Maidens and Kromog seem to be the only fights your output struggle on.  You are doing well on all the other Heroic encounters.


Focusing on Maidens, I do not see Power Infusion or Divine Insight in your WCL logs from 2/26.  Find out which one works best for you and make sure you are using it.  Personally, I go with Divine Insight for this fight on Heroic but have used PI with very similar outcomes.  You only casted PoM 47 times in a 14min fight.  You'll need to find a better way to tracking when it is off CD and put more of them out.  I would also suggest stance dancing into Serenity more.  Even if you just start off in Serenity and switch during the last 20% push.  Get the Holy Words off on your tanks and/or DPS when target by a boss ability.  Lastly, nothing to do with healing, but if you are going to elect to take Mindbender over Solace on this fight, make sure you are using it.  You do not have to wait for your Mana to be at a certain point.  It looks like you went 3minutes in the opener without using it.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions and input!


For the renew spread, I'm finding that i'm trying to cast it as much as i can inbetween my CoH, PoM and Cascade cooldowns, but I can't seem to keep up.  I have a weak auras that shows me when each CD is up, is this not the way to go?  Should I be casting the others less and renewing more?


I've since switched to Divine insight because i realized I wasn't using PI often at all, and i haven't used mindbender in a while, I have been using solace for a while now and have a macro so that I don't need to swap targets to use it.  Our raid makeup has been struggling with decent heals lately.  We lost our disc priest so I've been swapping for some fights (ignore those, i'm still learning disc lol) but here's the most recent log of our Heroic Beastlord fight:




My healing went up but I don't know if it was the change in playstyle or if it's merely the boost due to not having the disc anymore. 


I swapped my gems and enchants to Haste to see if maybe the lower GCD would help with the renew spam and switched my spirit enchant on my weapon to multistrike as I don't seem to have mana issue with solace.  I have not been able to test yet and my raid for this week got cancelled due to Easter weekend :(


Again, thank you very much for the input!  If you see anything in the new log that might help, I'd also appreciate it.  Take care!

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