Video: FinalBoss.tv - Dasima, Sarri, Archimtiros discussing DPS warriors in wod/brf

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I came across this a few days ago, dunno if ppl here are interested, but i found it useful/interesting.

Start - Salt
5 minutes - Gladiator
10 minutes - Nerfs/Buffs

18 minutes - Raid cooldowns

21 minutes - Ability pruning 

24 minutes - The problem wildstrike has  (less than a second gcd's not interacting with haste)

27 minutes - The proc bottleneck. (Fury)
31 minutes - Pull to pull dps disparities.
33 minutes - Arms vs Fury who has more rng ?
34 minutes - Rng on top of rng.
38 minutes - Warriors do not have reliable survivability (black hand).

43 mnutes - How are the fights in BRF and HM for warriors.
45 minutes - SMF or TG, which is better ?

47:40 - What stats do dps warriors want ?

52 minutes - Is choosing gear simpler ?

56 minutes - Tier 17 discusion 

1 hour - Gladiator/arms and fury how it was on beta, and pressing all the buttons for carpal abusing                     justice.

1:10:00 - What tier piece is the off piece ?
1:12:00 - Stacking versatility kappa.
1:18:00 - The trap Glyph, just dont do it (Recklessness and tier 17)

                Talents discussion:

1:19:00 - (Ravager vs AM vs Siegebreaker)

1:27:00 - (Taste for blood - Arms, Sudden Death - Fury)

1:29:30 - (Stormbolt vs Dragon's Roar)

1:31:30 - (Avatar - Bloodbath - Bladestorm)

1:38:00 - Glyph Discussion

1:43:00 - Soapbox - Tips and tricks



They talk about a lot of stuff ( including all the specs, some talents etc, but ill time stamp it at a later stage)


Its a long ass video but here you go:


And the follow up show with viewer question:



I didn't see anything prohibiting the posting of youtube links,  If there is such a thing, apologies


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