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making the switch

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so I've been dual specced frost/blood since I made a dk mid-wrath, but tomorrow I am going to be raiding with some of the best players on my server, and frost just can't do competitive dps right now, so I had to switch to unholy...


there is no other way to put it, I suck


can somebody help me with a few of the more obvious problems? thanks





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1) You don't want to use Plague Leech and Necrotic Plague together, if you want to stick with PL, pair it with Defile or BoS, if you prefer to stick with NP, pair it with Unholy Blight.


2) You seem to be using Festering Strike on Death Rune too often, losing quite a bit off Scourge Strike damage, as well as a bunch of possible Necrosis procs.


3) Your Soul Reaper damage looks a little low, try to use it on CD as soon as your target hits 45% (unholy SR bonus dmg starts procing at 45% vs 35% for frost and blood).


4) Use Army of the Dead 6-7 seconds before pull.


5) Anti-Magic Shell is as almost as much of a dps CD as a def CD, you should use it more often to soak magic damage and thus generate Runic Power.

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