Staying SV? or going BM or MM? I'm now 4pc

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So my current gear, some might say, is just about BiS for a SV build. Heavy MS with a nice side of Crit.


Here is my armory -


Curently I'm not having a HUGE issue keeping up to the other hunters in my raid group, so I've considered staying SV. My only issue is, during fights where some extra DPS would really help, I wonder if switching to one of the other specs would help?


I don't see my current gear situation being very viable as BM. I'm pretty low on BM's main stats. MM on the other hand, I think I'd do pretty well.


See I've never used the sim tool, as it seems to be a bit complicated to get used to. Sure, call me lazy, dumb, whatever... I miss :( I miss ElitistJerks being kept up to date and heavy in theorycraft information. It seems to have died down quite a bit.


So, my question to the community here, what do you think?

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Your gear isn't bad for BM tbh:

- Reroll stats on the crafted ring

- Scales is okay for BM, but you can easily replace it with the one from gruul

- Other pieces that are not the best is: Boots, Cloak and neck, but multistrike isn't bad for BM at all.


So if you change all your enchants and gems to mastery ones and aim to replace those few pieces, you're totally fine imo.

I find BM to be the superior choice in every encounter, there are a few where SV or MM can do as good or sometimes a bit better if pushed. But overall BM just flat out does more damage.



Just made a Simcraft with your current gear and enchants as either SV or BM, and SV came out as 41.8k and BM as 44k dps. I'm not really into Simcrafting, so might not be totally accurate, so someone else might do a better job with it :)

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