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TG vs SMF : is AMR a reliable source of info ?

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Hello fellow warriors !


First thing first, here is my warrior :



We are still in progression on BRF, haven't killed Imperator HM yet, and as a late joiner I haven't even done enough HM to finish the 690 ring nor do I have enough kills to unlock the HM heroic caches.


That's for the introduction !


Now I was curious to know what you guys think of Ask Mr Robot scores and BiS suggestions.

Reason is, while I do have inv_sword_2h_draenorraid_d_01.jpgKa'graz's Burning Blade and HM inv_mace_2h_draenorraid_d_01.jpgGar'tash, Hammer of the Breakers equipped on my Bnet profile, I also have two inv_sword_1h_draenorraid_d_01.jpgTaner's Terrible Spine, including one Indestructible HM ( 685 ) stashed in my inventory.


However, AMR will give me a total character score ot 7k with both 2handers ( despite not having the best secondaries ), but only 5k or so with both one-handed.

I must say I'm very surprised. I would have gone with the Spines anytime. SimC yield me higher results with them, and logic would lead me to believe they are better anyway.

So yeah I'm confused. I guess I could benefit more from the sheer damage of the 2H during heavy AoE fights, but most of the time shouldn't I run with the 1H ?


Also AMR seem to give different weights to stats depending on whether the warrior is in TG or SMF sub-spec. However, Icy Veins's guides claim that stats weighting doesn't change whether we are using 2Handers or 1Handers.


Am I misreading something, or is AMR not a very reliable source of theorycrafting informations ? ( which would make me sad at heart, 'cuz I like seeing myself above 90% ilevel/build efficacity sometimes sad.png )

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AMR can be wonky, sometimes. For instance, on my prot set, it tells me to gem Stam. It just prefers it for some reason. AMR, like SimulationCraft, is a tool. Use it for it's purpose but realize that it's not an "all-purpose" tool - some things will be off, if not wrong with it.


Keep using that common sense of yours and go with SMF as it's best with your current weapon selection choices. =)

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In general, but not always, weapon ilvl is more important than anything else.


Admittedly, I have not done any DPS theory crafting this Xpac because I have exclusively been tanking, however I do agree with Sajakain.  As far as the character score, I may be mistaken but I believe this is an arbitrary number with each piece of gear given a point value, so if a 2h is worth 1k and you have 2, and a 1h is worth 500 that could be the difference (placeholder values of course).


You should calculate your stat weights using SimC given each gearset, then plug each into AMR and see what information it gives you rather than relying on their one-size-fits-all stat priorities.

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Thanks for the answers, really appreciated.


I obtained a second 685 Taner's spine and immediately put a spare Thunderlord I had in my bags on it, and I guess I'll be rolling with those two for some time. I already saw the improvement, both in quality of life and overall damage.


I'll try playing around with simC and AMR some more. I must confess I only have a very basic knowledge of simC ( inputting a character and hitting sim, essentially ). And I guess the free premium week is already over for now, but the gear-finder tools are very useful so maybe I could drop a few euros there...

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