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[Balance Druid] Need help with dps and read logs

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys doing well.

Recently I was curious to gear up and learn boomkin druid and I did some Heroic BRF bosses with guild. But since I am really bad at reading boomy logs and dont know what to fix, I am asking favor from you guys to help me with this and tell me my problem Which I am happy to hear so I can fix them.rolleyes.gif






PS. Not thogar boss, all 3 of em please

Name is Daddybear smile.png


Thanks in Advanced. 

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I had a quick look at your Thogar logs. 


- Remember to use your second potion in conjunction with your other cooldowns, like CA

- Don't multidot Moonfire on the little adds. Keep Starfall up and spread Sunfire when possible, but stick to the boss. 

- You refresh your DoTs way too often. Refresh Moonfire if the duration is below 12 seconds. With Euphoria it takes you 10 seconds to return to Lunar Eclipse, so don't worry about having it fall off ever. Refresh Sunfire if the duration is below 7.2 seconds. If you're leaving Solar Eclipse and the duration is BELOW 10 seconds when leaving, refresh Sunfire before going into Lunar. Now, you could argue that you refresh the DoTs a lot because you have to move, and you have nothing else to cast on the move. That could justify refreshing the DoTs too early once in a while or maybe even casting Moonfire twice at some point. But I see you using Moonfire 4-5 times in a row at some points on the same target. Remember that the initial damage is close to no damage at all, if you're doing this to gain mobility, I'd rather blink and start following my rotation instead. Even better: plan ahead so you don't have to move that much and use Starsurge for mobility as well. 

- When Man-At-Arms spawn he is a priority target. Get your DoTs rolling on Thogar, the Firemender and Man-at-arms, keep Starfall up, then single target nuke Man-At-Arms. Also, it is Firemender that needs to be interrupted. 


These few things aside, you're doing an overall good job.

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