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April 2015 - This Month in WoW

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Every month and season brings some unique, time-limited content and opportunities to the World of Warcraft. Blizzard has highlighted a handful of world events and special occurrences coming up in the month of April for WoW players.


The details of the post are available over on the WoW news page, but the events being mentioned are:


Noblegarden [April 6-13] - If you haven't completed this world event before or are curious what's changed over the years, check our our Icy Veins guide to Noblegarden!


Darkmoon Faire [April 5-12] - With its recent changes, the newly revamped Darkmoon Faire has battle pets, mounts, replica armor, heirlooms, and more! Icy Veins also has a guide to the Darkmoon Faire.


Children's Week [April 27-May 4] - Children's Week launches later in April, and includes one of the few multi-year collectibles/achievements in the trio of battle pets you can work towards. View our guide for more information on how to complete all of the achievements and collect everything from Children's Week.


Blizzard also gave nods to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza (Sundays at 2:00 p.m.) and a handful of upcoming Arena tournaments. They also reminded fans that BlizzCon tickets go on sale in April, too!


Will you be enjoying any of the April festivities in the World of Warcraft?

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      You can assign four characters to one scene, with more scenes planned for you to collect in the future. In addition, to make it a little easier to see who's who in your Warband at any given moment, there’s additional information about each character during character selection.
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