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Starting over and need advice

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Hey guys,

First time poster long time reader here.

I have a question I want to ask you guys.

I returned to WoW yesterday and I decided I wanna start over completely fresh.

Here is what I decided to do.

Start out on a new server, no heirlooms, no money no starter bags absolutly nothing.
I'm going for loremaster while leveling. I will be doing all lvl 10 zones, followed by all lvl 20 and so on and so forth.
I will do every dungeon I come across once to complete quests (Maybe twice if for some reason I missed a quest but I highly doubt that)
I will take Mining (or herbalism) and skinning as my two professions as I don't want to level a crafting profession and those two can make me all the money I need to keep on questing and exploring and I can level those while running around (Apart from the occasional smelting spree).
I will be leveling first aid on the cloth I find. I might also do fishing (not sure yet) and I will be leveling cooking and archeology.

I know what I propose here is not very efficient but. I've played the game before. I never really got into end game content so I'm in no rush to get there. If it takes 6 months or more it takes 6 months or more. Besides I can not be available on set times due to private life so I won't be a good raid team member anyway.

So now that you have the background here come my 2 questions.

1) Professions: should I go herbalism or mining. Mining I like but herbalism might be easier as it doesn't take me of my path to quests as much as mining would. At least I think so I might be wrong.

2)Class: I narrowed it down to hunter or Mage. I've always been playing tanks and healers but I want to blow stuff up for a change. So here is what makes me doubt between the two.

Hunter: Good solo ability, easier taking on group quests and good survivability. Also I'm going to be everywhere so I got that "Gotta catch em all" thing going. (well 20 at least)
Mage: Good dps but not as mobile and less survivability but Got teleports so travelling time around the world is cut down a lot. + A mage travelling around the world looking for lore digging stuff up and becoming an all knowing source called "loremaster" is cool.

So there you have it.
Feel free to give any tips or correct me if I said things that aren't correct anymore. It's been nearly 1.5 years since I played at high levels. Last was beginning MOP

Kind regards

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I recommend going with Mage using Herbalism as one of your professions.


If you don't want the gold from selling lots of greens via drops/quest rewards, you can take disenchanting.

Alchemy ain't that bad since it allows you to use the herbs you gathered instead of selling them on AH.


If you are going to do all the quest in the area before moving on you are bound to be 2-5 levels ahead, so surviving won't be issue if you play right. 


As for quest helping addons, use WoWPro.

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I would go for a Hunter. They have much more survivability, flexibility and utility for non-end game. You don't need mana, have an Aspect to move faster without a mount, Feign Death to get out of fight, pet to tank or to engage an enemy while you are doing stuff, loads of Crowd Control and DPS on move (which is awesome).


Regarding the professions: what is your goal here? To earn money / to have just enough for buying a mount skill / to play on AH / something else? Do you remember that gathering profs give you a lot of experience so with mining or herbalism you will outgrow any location even before you'll finish half of the quests? Sometimes it's a kind of boring to see all your quests gray. 


If your goal is to achieve a Loremaster, you don't need to level professions at all - you will always have enough money as a quests reward.

Btw, why do you want to level up First Aid (you mentioned it) - it's completely useless in current game environment because the regen on low levels is extremely fast. I'm asking because you mentioned that you wouldn't level fishing, so it's not like you are just levelling all the secondary profs.


If you have more questions, I'm happy to answer :)

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the response.


I have decided to go for a hunter. A BM hunter that is. I wanna grab a lot of pets. Also they are good at soloing and when I reach lvl 100 I might be interested in taking a peak inside the vanilla and BC raids. On my earlier characters I've been to molten core with a group of friends at lvl 85. It was fun.


Now what do I want out of the professions. Not much work but make money on the way as well. So I've gone with Mining and skinning. I'm killing loads of animals might as well use every bit of them. For instance I killed a bear, got a quest item off him, Got bear meat with which I made food and then skinned him. Nothing goes to waste. Feels very huntery :D


Why am I leveling first aid. Simple. I have always done it. + I'm a paramedic in real life so that might have something to do with it as well :D I have actually once saved a tank with bandages as a healer.

It was a bloody awefull tank and group tbh they were just OOMing me and it all went pear shaped. I was OOM the tank was about to die and I nearly had enough mana for my spell. (can't remember what it was it's been 5 years) So I used a bandage as it was the only thing I had. It kept him up just long enough for me to get the mana to heal him up and my mana pot to come off cooldown. I kindly thanked them afterwards as they called me a bad healer and just left the group :D So I got a history with first aid.


About the fishing I decided to level it as well. It's handy for leveling cooking and it's a nice break from grinding mobs for quests.

Last night I just used a lure that lasts 10 minutes and just rode out those full 10 minutes. Afterwards I was ready to dive in the quests again. + fishing fits in nicely as a travelling hunter seeking lore.


Oh yeah something I forgot to tell. Most off the things I do have to fit at least somewhat. I'm one of those sad guys that does feel bad for doing bad stuff in games. Also if I need to do something that I won't ever see my character doing I probably won't do it. (unless unavoidable)

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