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[Balance] First raid as boomy, need some help

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Today was my first raid as a boomy (switched from Resto) and I want to know if my dps was good. 

I had a spirit Neck, a spirit Trinket and 2 set in the beginning, replaced them until the last 4/3 bosses.




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Hi Chentauren,

i checked your logs considering your given info.

you said: "I had a spirit Neck, a spirit Trinket and 2 set in the beginning, replaced them until the last 4/3 bosses"
What has been replaced? the 2set to 4set? or the trinket? or all of mentioned?


- Dotuptime good

- Dont Starfall while fighting again 1 target. You did use Starfall 3 times

- ShootingStars usage Ok, but can be better. You had 15 SS procs + 3 charges at start + 6 gained within the fight = 24 charges in total. You only used 21.

- You used Starsurge 9 times in Solar and 8 times in Lunar. Try to focus to use it in Lunar, this your main priority. If you have 2 charges then use 1 in Solar, but make sure you have 1-2 charges ready for Lunar

- Incorrect Opener. You did INC->pot->Starfall->Starsurge->Starfire->CA->Moonfire->5xStarfire.
   Correct Opener would be: Inc->Pot->Starsurge->CA->Moonfire->2xStarfire->Starsurge->2xStarfire etc

   Please check the other topics for detailed info

- Try to reapply Dots shortly before leaving Eclipse, not at peak



- Moonfire uptime good, Sunfire only 91%

- ShootingStars usage medium: Used total 21 charges but you had a total of 26 available to spend

- Starsurge greatly used in Lunar, good (better than at gruul)

- Opener better than at Gruul

- 2nd use of INC/CA also correct


And Kromog (as you said, you replaced them until the last 3-4 bosses):

As questioned at the top, I dont know now if you had 4pc of t17 or not. I cant see you using CA again after about 1,5 minutes (4pc). So I am guessing not. please clarify

- Dotuptime good

- Try to spend more SS in Lunar

- SS usage: good 26 of 27

- Opener good

- Grasping Earth Sunfire Doted and Starfalled - good


Blackhand: (here I see you had 4pc of t17 geared)

- Dotuptime good

- SSusage: 37 of 39 good

- Again, try to focus on using SS in Lunar

- use your 2nd CA (when it gets off CD) at the first balcony

- use it again at the 3rd balcony (3rd CA)

- use the 4th CA with BL in phase 3

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Hello Bonita. 

I got 4pc with the chest (Flamebender drop) and I had it during Kromog and Blackhand fights. 
Trinket was replaced with Blackhand's trinket.

Thank you so much for your feedback, I see that I'm having problems with the opener and SS usage, I will fix those mistakes. 

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