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Ret Paladin - Want to improve dps

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Hey guys


I've been on Icy Veins for quite some time now and I love the love all the useful information here but today I finally made an account because I thought I'd post about myself since I feel like I'm underperforming a bit.  

Hope you guys can help!


Anyway, here's my armory:



The fight where I feel like I'm underperforming most is Iron Maidens, here's a log from our previous guild run:





For that particular fight I use Light's Hammer, Divine Purpose and Final Verdict

Glyphs; Double Jeopardy, Templars Verdict and Avenging Wrath

I also use Seal of Righteousness


Rotation:Hammer of Wrath when possible > Final Verdict > Crusader Strike > Judgement > Exorcism

I pop my cd's at start, together with bloodlust/prepot


Also I'm using Scabbard but I also have the Mythic Bottle of Infesting spores, which I prefer using on fights with multiple adds, tried it on Iron Maidens but didn't seem to make a big difference


Normally I won't be the one going on the boat so I will be walking around a bit to avoid bombs


In general I feel like my dps could be higher, I don't seem to get into the 90% ranges for my gear at askmrrobot, in any fight.


Any help is very much appreciated, if you want to look up more of my logs, just look for Themeril or Ennonn (did a race/namechange last week) on Zul'jin, there's plenty of logs from all of my fights on askmrrobot and worldoflogs








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Firstly, logging via AMR and WoL are ill advised. Detail and readability are issues for both. WarcraftLogs.com is typically the preferred logging site.


For gear, missing a ring enchant. Very minor issue, but it can add up. Everything else looks clean, gear-wise.


As to the fight, SoT would likely be better for Censure-cleaving. It should be possible to roll the DoT on all three at once, especially for purposes of further abusing DJ-cleave glyph. If you're not on boats, SoR's also gonna lose some strength if you're out of range, but Censure will keep ticking away on all targets. Seems like you missed two Wings cycles over the course of the Maidens kill, and the one death at the front wouldn't account for that as Wings would still have been on CD. Missing those few burst cycles brings you HoW count down - and, as one of our heaviest hitters, that's a lot of damage lost. Also, without 4pT17, SW/HA may work better. To me, the fight feels deceptive; it seems like an ST fight masquerading as a cleave fight, very much akin to Fallen Protectors back in SoO where cleaved where possible but basically wanted to focus each in turn to keep them relatively even and dieing close together.

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Allright, will start with warcraftlogs from now on, got another raid tomorrow.

The ring enchant is because I had just upgraded the legendary one yesterday before I posted this so that's why, all the raid fights were done with the 690 ring with mastery enchant on it.


Hmm can't even remember missing a Wings cd, so I guess I have to pay more attention to that next time, it's not like me to miss one of those major cd's.


Yeah Tier pieces don't like me so far, can't even get them to drop for me on normal or LFR. Think I'm the only one in the raidteam without a 2-piece even. 

I'll try SoT again next time and try to keep it up on all targets, see how that goes.


Thanks for your input , I'll update this post again tomorrow night after our raiding, doubt we'll get to maidens though.

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