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Help with firemage.

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Well, i suck playing fire.

But i need improve.

I was comparing me to the other fire mage in my raid.

And he has like 50% more pyros than me and his pyro crit% is almost 100% more than mine.

Could any1 look to the numbers and help me why this is happening and tips to improve my firemage gameplay?



This data is from yesterday's raid.



This is the bosses we played both as fire:










Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.


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Hey there,


I see that you're comparing yourself to a mage with his 4-set bonus. He will absolutely have more pyros than you until you complete your bonus as well. The other mage also has better trinkets which help out tremendously. I feel like you're doing decent damage appropriate to your gear, however you can make big improvements with managing your combustions. for Hans and Franz I see that the other mage had a 22% uptime on combustion while yours was nowhere near that. Uptime is only the first step; as you complete your tier, you'll be getting more free crits, so mastery gear will be much more beneficial to your combustions which will account for a significant portion of your damage.

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