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Overall Feedback.

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Hey all just wanting to get a little feedback. My main concern is low dps on cleave fights  and of course my sub performance where I feel like i'm doing O-K but I'm always looking to improve. Thanks in advance. On a side note my gems/chants are a little mixed just because I share those ps of gear with both specs (sub/combat). I think I logged out last with sub-fyi





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Hello! Got info from last log. I was going to breakdown for each fight, but since the errors are basically the same, I'll just write an overall and mention specifically if there's something screaming.


Basically you gotta improve your RvS uptime. Hit RvS whenever you pick a new target. Ponder whether is worth or no if the add is going to die really quick. Else, RvS. If you're in doubt, RvS. If you're sure, RvS. If anything, RvS. Not sure if you already do, but set up a tracker for it, will help wonders. This is even more true when you have 2pc. 20% more on CP chance, means more finishes on the average. Which leads to many many other advantages. RvS ANYTHING THAT MOVES, DAMMIT.


Uh, sorry. Anywaaaaay...


Pre pot and pot during high damage periods.


Slice and Dice, it's already good at 90%+, but slap in a 100%. It doesn't need to be cast with 5CP, just keep it up. Your damage comes from slaps. Slap faster, damage moar.


Vanishhhhhhhhhh. Take out that Deadly Momentum glyph and put Disappearance. 1 min Vanishes are won-der-fool. Then cast it every 1 min. Delay ONLY for Deep Insight IF it's coming in soon. Else, fire it off. The quantity of Vanishes should be the time of the fight +1 for every Preparation you had off CD.


Something like this:


0 - - - - 1 - - - - 2 - - - - 3 - - - - 4 - - - - 5 - - - - 6  << mins

    V             V            V            V            V            V           << skill

     P                                                                      P          << skill

      V                                                                      V          << skill


(forgive my ASCII skills - and the forum tabulation, screwed up completely my graph - just did something quick so it's clear to understand - this is valid solely for Combat and Assassination with Disappearance Glyph)


Use Preparation RIGHT after 1st Vanish. It's not crucial, but more a matter of Min Maxing. On longer fights this will ensure that you get your CD off CD quicker. You'd like to have a Prep on a 5 min tight fight to squeeze out more damage.


A bit more advanced min maxing:


Ponder when it's worth to hold a bit of your Killing Spree so you can cast it during Deep Insight. Don't hold for long, but when possible, try to line up.

Save CPs on Anticipation for DI phases. 4pc screws that a bit, 'cause you go wololo when you see that white mask on your buffs, but remember this in general.


As for Sub:


Same thing as Combat, Vanish usage. Here differs a bit because it's on a 1.5min CD, instead of 1, but still applies the rule of Preparation usage. Next, remember to pool some energy because Vanish works as a mini Dance for Sub, so try to pull off at least 2 Ambushes.


Rupture gotta be 100%. No excuses, 100%. It's a bit hard to control it's duration since MS mechanic is quite funky, but keep an eye for it. Start to pool CPs shortly before it gets near 7s, which is where you can recast with no loss (Pandemic). Only ponder when SnD is going to drop shortly, so act appropriately.


Slice and Dice gotta have a better uptime. It has almost the same importance as Rupture, since it's your energy fountain. Don't let it drop at all and avoid casting during Shadow Dance. Doesn't matter the quantity of CPs in it, just don't let it drop.


Shadow Reflection. First Reflection, THEN Rupture. I can't stress this enough - Rupture is our MOST damaging skill, why not copy it? The shadow won't dip into the buff, nor we will double dip, but the damage still rolling - apply it! Pop your trinkets before tho, so it can grab some moneys when it comes into play.


I won't analyze Blackhand because those were wipes and the times were short. That inflates the numbers a lot, so it's not reliable to look at and get conclusions.


That's it! Hope I helped. As for gemming and enchanting, just go for straight MS. Still works wonders on Combat.


And oh, enchant your pre-legendary ring. Liek, now. Go go go.

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Thanks for the feedback. I review my logs all the time but sometime you need to get some more eyes on it to see different things. Much appreciated and yes I just got the ring upgraded today so that will be chanted shortly. 

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