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Critique me please.

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Logs Heroic BRF from yesterday.  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m2Tdh8f4BjvqXLNx/#view=rankings&boss=-3


I have never been able to break the 90% bracket for unholy dk.   I feel like I should be doing more dps.  Thoughts?  All feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please and thank you.

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At a glance, here's what I think you can improve:



Use SR more often. For example, in a 20 seconds longer fight I used SR 16 times, you only used it 10 times. 

You could have used Gargoyle twice in that fight.

You used the pot too late into the fight, so you didn't get much out of it. 



This depends a lot on what strategy you're using. I usually follow the boss once most of the crates are dealt with. 

NP is not that good in this fight, because to make it work it needs a lot of maintenance (extending its duration so that it lasts for most of the rolling phase.) 


You could have used SR a lot more in this fight. For reference, I used it twice as much on a fight with roughly the same duration.

Only used Gargoyle once. 

Used Death Strike twice (I guess you were low at that point, otherwise there is no point in using it). Try Death Pact of health pot to increase your DPS.

Used pot at the very end of the fight. 


Hans'gar and Franzok

Can't really comment much on that fight, I always get a lag spike and cannot perform that well. 


Flamebender Ka'graz

Overall pretty good fight. 


Didn't use SR as much as you could've. 

Maybe you should have saved Gargoyle for when you use TW/Heroism, so it can get some more casts off. 



This fight depends on where your hand is. I see that you've died here, so I won't comment. 


Beastlord Darmac

Can't find anything wrong here, NP uptime is good, DnD has been cast often. 


Could have used pot during TW/Heroism phase, to get some more DPS. 

Could have used SR a bit more here as well.


Operator Thogar

Couple of minor things here. 


NP uptime could have been better, but it was only 3% lower than mine.

Could have used BB a bit more. 

Missed a few SR casts. 


Iron Maidens

Nothing to say here. 


Blast Furnace

Other than the low SR casts, nothing wrong. Maybe you could have used Blood Boil a bit more, but that depends on your raid's AoE damage (you only want to use it on Firecallers/Security Guards, no point in DPSing Slag Elementals). 


Here's my logs if you want to compare yourself: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/1jDwnvNP7bZWcKJk#type=damage-done&boss=-2

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Thanks very much!  Def need to work on my pot timing.  I thought you should always use it with garg. I have always tried to use garg on cd instead of sitting on it for lust.  Def will change that.   As far as the Kromog log, the only death was one of our heals.  Unless I am missing something.  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m2Tdh8f4BjvqXLNx/#fight=53&type=deaths.  Either way, thanks so much, ill work on all of this and post some new logs in a few weeks.  Thanks!

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Oh, might've been looking at my log. In that case, you want to get into a hand that is in the middle and close enough to the boss so that it is within Blood Boil range. Then once you're in, either spam Blood Boil or use it only once to spread NP as fast as possible. And make sure you extend NP's duration so that it doesn't end before hands phase finishes. 

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