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Need an experienced holy to review logs

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Hey there, 

I've been maining holy priest for all of WoD do far, and I'm currently progressing hc foundry. I'm fairly happy with my hps but am not sure how to improve further. Below are my logs from a recent 7/10hc run:


As for gear I'm using everything I can get with multistrike and haste, gemming and enchanting multistrike with a spirit weapon enchant. I also regularly swap trinkets for more spirit/more throughput. 

Any advice/criticisms would be appreciated. 


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Took a look at the logs you posted, then checked out your output per week on all your kills and am I glad to see you are happy with your performance.  You are in the top 20% on every fight and if forced to pick a weakness, the two lowest comparative output encounters are Gruul and Kromog.  Which, not by coincidence, are also the two fights easiest to skew numbers, especially in the absence of a Disc or Pally.  I'm guessing if you filter by raid size your comparative numbers would jump up another 5% at least.  So you are doing great.


Taking just your best Gruul and Kromog parses:


Kromog - You had some really bad luck at with your Legendary procs, less than 9% is just out of your control bad luck.  Good use of PI.  Bobbyjensen has mentioned having great succes with getting 50%+ uptimes with ToF, though that may just be in a Mythic setting.  I would only suggest ToF over PI if you can duplicate that 50%+ though, anything less than that will not provide an increase to your output overall.  Otherwise, you PI suits your playstyle well.  Looking at a few 7+min fights you need to get more hardcast PoMs out. If you have a WA for it, maybe at a CD, change the Icon, or add a sound to let you know when it's ready.  Your uptime for Renew on both of your tanks is less than 50%.  They take the least amount of overheal from Renew, so make sure you are tracking your HoTs on your UI, especially your tanks.  Take advantage of a higher uptime and lower overheal.  These are all nitpicky things, lastly, if you're not doing it, you can prepot INT for some extra oomph during that first breath then have it back up again later in the encounter.  Biggest thing here is that you were OOM for the last 2minutes of the fight.  Everytime you had mana to cast one spell, you did so then waited.. rinsed repeat for 2minute!  I bet you were pulling your hair out.  Be more mana efficient on the front end of this encounter and take advantage of more Heal/Mana during high damage phases.


Gruul - Your Renew uptime was over 50% on three targets for your best pull, only 1 was a tank.  Slightly better luck w/ your Ring procs, OoYC.  Even going back and looking at all kills after you upgrading your ring to 715, you are still getting 17% or less uptime, maybe somone else could swoop in and offer a reason other than bad luck, just a few I checked are all over 20%.  You PI'd twice.  You can afford to squeeze in more PoMs.  You did better on Mana during the Gruul encounters.  But you need to kiss some RNGesus and get a spirit trinket!


Like you mentioned, you are happy with your output.  You numbers a slightly skewed by raid size and your comparative output rankings are suppressed by the great Mythic players on alts with better guilds and better guilds in general, which do reflect on your total output.  Even just kill time from better DPS makes some of these other Priest look better than you and your effort when they are not.


Great job!

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This was my best Kromogg attempt before quitting and your logs looks pretty similar. On this fight the biggest key is making sure you have Mendings out on people before every breath. If you drop them on the ranged group they will always bounce as you are stacked, at least on Mythic this is a pretty big requirement as you want to stand in ground heals. Prayer of Mending, if it goes the full 9 bounces, is holys second best spell today, in terms of everything really. I'll be very suprised if they don't just make PoM 9 bounces the normal in the next tier. Either that or Holy will need another buff to keep up with the other available healers. We had a fixed healing cd rotation for Kromogg and honestly if the fight was tailored for me I could've fit one more Hymn in, but ya know progress over meter padding.


I cannot recall how big the Breath/Smash damage is on heroic, but on Mythic you will have no trouble keeping a 50% ToF uptime because of the outcoming damage. But if you want to try to have more output, switch to ToF on your next attempt and check your uptime in the log afterwards.


Honestly, the biggest help to yourself if your in doubt about your performance is simply to go to Warcraftlogs and study the logs of the highest parses. What spells are they using the most and what talent setup are they using for the specific fight? But make sure to keep their raid setup in mind. Are they using 1 less healer than your raid? Then obviously you'll have a smaller output.

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