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Prtection vs Retribution for leeling between 90 and 100?

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I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on which spec was better for leveling to 100 from 90.


I have always only used prot spec on my pally, I struggled my way to max level each time. I have had a rough go, as pally getting to the point when I get to create my garrison.


So now I am wondering if I should switch to Ret to finish leveling to 100, or if I should stay as prot.


Any thoughts on which path would be easier or more efficient would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Now that Prot DPS doesn't scale due to vengeance, an is now a static value approximately equal to 75% of a DPS in same gear, leveling isn't nearly so terrible.  You're nigh immortal, and can certainly kill things in a timely manner.  Once you get the AS perk (+2 targets), it's basically all over.  And if you're hunting rares, glyph Focused Shield.  Make sure to also glyph Divine Protection, Final Wrath and/or Consecrator (the one that follows you, awesome for running around chain-pulling).  If survival is a non-issue, forgo Divine Protection glyph and go Double Jeopardy.  I prefer Sanctified Wrath, as it is stable, predictable, and buffs an AoE, but it also scales with single target.  We don't have an AoE HP spender, so I find the AoE where I can, and use SoTR pretty much for the buff.  I also go Holy Prism, with a self-target macro to add a 5-target AoE rotational.  Better for some damage every 20 than a bunch every 60, when farming mobs.


Also, if tanking, dungeons become very very viable.  The experience got greatly buffed, so they're great for just plowing through levels.  Take an Acceleration pot, you'll get 2-3 dungeons in, and not only will you get all the experience throughout, but the final reward becomes worth over 100k.  Per dungeon.  You can get like a level an hour, and you'll get dungeon blue gear for your troubles.

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Protection is great now for leveling; in every previous expansion you did pitiful damage and had to AoE pull to get anything approaching normal kill speeds. No longer - but you can still AoE pull if you want to!

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