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[Balance] New to druid, New to logs, & New to caster. HELP

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    So i recently joined a guild thats going to move towards mythic BRF and i need to be ready in two weeks or less. I'm having trouble with almost everything but idk what to work on how to practice and i havent even gotten 3 good heroic runs in as caster. anyways sorry for rambling, main point of this post was to ask out to other skilled boomkins for any help they can give!


gear is still a work in progress and im still learning fights as dps caster (prev a prot warr)


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/8533667/latest/

Guild: Exodus - Dragonblight

Char: Akgrizzly - Dragonblight

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dragonblight/Akgrizzly/advanced


EDIT: most recent run was normal brf

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Hey akagrizzly!

I took a look over your most recent normal run, and the biggest issue I am seeing is you are spend far too long with 3 Starsurge charges, which is a huge dps loss. For example, on Blackhand, you casted Starsurge and Starfall (which share charges), a total of 9 times in a 4:30 fight. Because our dot ticks have a chance to give us Starsurge charges through Shooting Stars, you are losing out on a ton of casts of Starsurge, 16 on Blackhand. What you want to do is always have a charge rolling so that you are never in danger of capping charges. I have found that sitting at 1 is usually best, but I could be wrong with that. 

Another thing you might want to look up is your opener.Check out Kaz's guide for help on this.

Also, your dot uptime could be better. On Blackhand, your Moonfire was at 92%, and your Sunfire was at 72%. You want to get those as close to 100% as possible.

Last thing is you want to get rid of those spirit pieces ASAP. Those are hurting you a ton.


Hope this of some help!

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thank you hynan for your input, i screwed up on the blackhand fight, i cant remember what or why but it was bad haha. for most of the other fights my gm is concerned about my avg percentile for my ilvl. are the percentiles accurate? like on ore and gruul and hans fights i was giving it my all and im still under 50%. I'm still a little confused on why im doing so poorly.

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first of all, the "itemlevel bracket" can be easily missunderstood. Its just too easy to say "you bad cause you have 20% dps in your bracket". It has to be considered that you had e.g. on Gruul an ilvl of 659 (The bracket is from 658 to 664) which is on the bottom end of you bracket. Also other people ranked higher could possibly had better trinkets or better weapons for more dps. In addition you did some mistakes.



- Dotuptime ok

- ShootingStars usage: Can be better -> You had 11 SS procs + 3 charges at begin + 6 autoamtic recharges (3:22 fighttime) = 20 SS available to use -> You only did Starsurge 15 time.

- Your guild messed up with Heroism. It was used at 0:11 secs. Tell your GM that he should tell his Shamans/Mages/etc to use it correctly at PULL. It had been a real DPS loss for you. Moonkin DPS depends highly from DPS burst damage

- 14 Lunar / 1 Solar Empowerment: OK. You did correct. Try to focus using SS in Lunar

 fighttime is 3:22. you only did INC, pot once at pull. Use it again after 3 mins

- You messed up your Opener: You did Starfire -> 2x Moonfire -> 2x Starfire -> Starsurge -> Starfire -> Moonfire

Please consult the other topics for the correct opener

- You did CA (2nd one) in early Lunar, coming from Solar. Very well



- Moonfire dotuptime ok

- Sunfire only 92%

- No Starfall used. In Rolling phase hit Starfall while Doting the crates

- SS usage: 18 proccs + 3 + 8 = 29 available => you used:!!! 5 !!!! Starsuges

- Use CA again after it comes off CD with 4pc t17. You only used it twice in this fight (both in comb with INC)

- Your opener again messed up. Dont macro INC and CA together. Use them seperate

arrow_right2.png 00:00:01.918 Akgrizzly casts Incarnation: Chosen of Elune arrow_right2.png 

   00:00:01.918 Akgrizzly casts Celestial Alignment arrow_right2.png

   00:00:03.427 Akgrizzly casts Moonfire on Oregorger arrow_right2.png

   00:00:04.492 Akgrizzly begins casting Starfire arrow_right2.png<- finish your cast

   00:00:05.182 Akgrizzly begins casting Starsurge arrow_right2.png

   00:00:05.182 Akgrizzly casts Starsurge on Oregorger arrow_right2.png

   00:00:06.251 Akgrizzly begins casting Starfire

- You failed on your 2nd INC/CA after 3 minutes. You INC'd at 03:02 in Solar and CA'd at 03:18

Edited by Bonita

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