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T17 bonus

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While playin subtlety ive noticed one thing, after shadow dance ends and u have 10 cp + that proc if u cast snd u stay with 10 cps but when u  cast rupture for some reason it takes ur normal stacks instead of anticipation. Everyone already knows about snd taking ur main cps instead of ap. I heard also bugs for combat with this set, like it wont generate additional cps when ur building anticipation, it wont give u 5 cps back when u evi w anticipation, tho it happens randomly not always. Mb im missing smth obvious, anyone care to explain this ?


lol i just tested it myself, if u evi with 9 cps it just takes away ur ap stacks and thats it.

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I don't have T17 myself, I can't help on this.


Perhaps Carrn or the other raiding guys can give you some idea about it. Sorry not being able to help. mellow.png

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