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Enhance dps help

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here is my grull mythic fight. i know i should do more dps but dunno whats wrong


My opening: 


5-6 sec before pull spirit walk UE

4.. searing totem

2.. SeT

1.. wolves, pre pot


while running:

flame shock


on boss:

ss > Ascendance > windstike > lava > ws and goes on


Thanks for help

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It is not good to pop the wolfs there since you want the haste proc from weps, lust/hero/tw first since the haste % you have then you pop them decide theres damage so more haste more damage same goes with elementals. This is how you should do, on zero use frost shock to get the procs and pop hero if it 1 of those fights then the elemental, wolfs, Ascendance, 2xwindstrike, flame shock, 2 x LL and then just normal rotation. EOTE is the best talent to use then you have 2 set.

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I would personally go EM/PE/SET on this fight


Stack Cooldowns, your fight was 5:25


Pull SET/Pot/Hero/Asc/Trinket/EM


3min Asc/EM/Trinket/Pot/FET


5min EM/Trinket/SET


Also you casted Earth Elemental Totem at 5 mins... Instead of SET. I guess that was a mistake but your DPS would be somewhat better.


Hope it helps.

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