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New Legend Rouge deck?

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Rouge is a deck that is mainly played for its high synergy and Miracle capabilities.  

By making use of the new card gang up, shadow step, and coldlight oracle it is possible to deal high amounts of fatigue dmg to an opponent as well as discard the majority of his deck while gang up keeps yours barely full.

Preparation x2

Shadow step x2

Eviscerate x2

Gang up x2

Sap x2

Shiv x2

Bloodmage talnos 

Loot hoarder x2

Fan of knives x2

Coldlight Oracle x2

Deathlord x2

Earthern Ring Farseer x2

SI:7 Agent x2

Antique Healbot x2

Vanish x2


In exchange for a farseer or a healbot you can use Clock work giant since your opponents hand will most likely be full and mountain giant for the same reason on your hand being near full. Kidnapper could also be used as a Mid game if combo with Preparation and a spell

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