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very new holy raider

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hi guys ,  


armoury : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodhoof/Calis/simple


last night I did my 1st ever raid as a holy raider , and bloody loved it , i died a couple of times but the experience was awesome (for me anyway), but that was the good stuff.


but on the down side , it was all abit overwhelming for someone that has healed loads of hc dungeons and fully comfortable with them , so the question i would like to ask is 

can someone put some do's and dont's down so its less OMG for me lol , 

i know the basics , beacon both tanks and keep eternal flame rolling on them, but anything else would be good. 


thanks in advance 



P.S the reason why im also asking is there is no 'holy tips and tricks in BRF like in other specs. :p 

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I said this on another thread but remember the power of illuminated healing. Our overheals build an illuminated healing shield of up to 30% of the health of the person. Thus, we are the only class that can heal the 100% healed.  In a well balanced raid, it's quite safe to take the glyphed version of avenging wrath. It's 50% less heal but it'll be available much more frequently.  When there's going to be a lot of raid-wide damage, I go ahead and burn through mana holyradiance/shock (enhanced shock heals the people nearby them) through the tank/melee, and two groups of range. When they take damage, your heals will pop off first.  I'm a big believer that holy prism is the one and only thing for us.  It is a smart heal with a ridiculous range and heal per mana.


Remember that your big holy light heal on the tanks is practically free of mana charge. It's not compeltely free but it gives back a nice portion of the mana you spent on it and so heal away on the tanks and if you know someone's about to get nailed switch it to them.


Divine Shield is a ridiculously low 2.5 minutes cooldown when talented. Use it two to three times per fight during things that you would ordinarily have to move in and continue healing through those periods. Hans and Franz you can be the only healer during the stampers because you can stand in it and heal for a few critical seconds. 


Mana management with holy light as above but if you glyph lay on hands and use it twice per boss, that's 20% extra mana right there. Then use a channeled mana pot (typically with a divine shield) to get almost another third back. 


If you have nothing else to do, crusader strike the boss or a mob for extra free holy power. Light of Dawn is a great AOE heal (costs no mana btw) that when both tanks are ticking their eternal flames, you should be using your holy power on rather than EFing a raid member which I always think arrives too late and is wasted.  Most fights we count as range, however and so be careful not to drop something bad into melee when you do this.


Practice in LFRs. There's more stupid people in those things getting damaged than you can shake a stick at. You'll learn to manage your lay on hands, divine shield channeled mana pot and when to use your avenging wrath to maximize hps. 


Glyph hand of sacrifice and use on every cooldown. Don't wait...use it. I also put out devo 3 to 4 times per boss although I do try to time for raid wide damage. 


Read every fight for the things you can trick out of with divine shield and hop.  Several of the boss fights like flamebender's molten torrent, Iron Maidens (the straight red line thing) and on blackhand you should probably clemency to get people through the targeted hit thing.  


One last thing, don't eat the savage feast!  Pickled eel is cheap, easy to fish and make and is the best crit food we can get.


Holy Pally is an unfairly beast class if done properly.  Especially illuminated healing smile.png

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thankyou for the info after 200+ views , no one said a thing , so I take my hat off to you and say (again) thankyou.

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Cred to Miirsal for a good explenation (spelling?) of us Holys out there but as he said practice in LFR and if possible try to pugs some Highmaul raids if you are progressing BRF with your guild to get more experiance with a coordinated team (if you are lucky) and don´t be afraid to use your CDs if needed.

And i would say that Hand of Sacrifice glyph is pretty much mandatory since you remove the DMG return and that is awesome since it releases some pressure from the healers overall since there is less dmg going out (and not to mention that some mechanics hurt like a mofo with it on Oregogger comes to mind with Acid Torrent)

If you are in a bigger grp than 15 i would say as a Holy atleast what i have noticed and so far has been the most effective is to focus more on the tanks than rest of the raid since our Single target healing is far stronger than our AoE. 

And yes Holy Prism all the day its just to awesome to pass up on havent faced a single encounter/mechanic that have forced me to change that talent yet.


Holy Pally is an unfairly beast class if done properly.  Especially illuminated healing smile.png


Yes my brother its true that we are :) (Unless we need to move then we are pretty much shit i have noticed xD)

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