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Tips for my raids Enhancement shaman

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Hey, I've been seeing Enhancement shamans topping the meters on Blast Furnace, Thogar etc but mine isn't really up there, he is more in the bottom and I know he is trying to become better so I thought I'd see if anyone here can help.


Blast Furnace: 






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Blast Furnace


First of all, I wouldn't recommend the setup of 2/3/6, too few DPS in my opinion.


Secondly, it is very hard to rank high on Blast Furnace as an Enhancement Shaman AND do what you're supposed to do during the progression runs. (Which is to prioritize individual targets instead of trying to spread Flame Shock on every Slag Elemental and spam Fire Nova, which is what many high ranking shamans do).


I watched the replays for your best tries and your DPS on Feldspar is quite low. Unless you have a really quick phase 1 he should be at <33% during the transition so you can quickly kill him, get rid of the Firecallers and start working on the Elementalists.


I'd argue for having the Enha Shaman go to the side with Feldspar as you can AoE and it will still produce a steady single target DPS between Operators and Feldspar.


You should, as a raid, focus more on the Firecallers. Every time you have some downtime, or inbetween Elementalist kills, go and kill them all. Whenever there's a Firecaller somewhere in the pack of Slag Elemetals and Security Guards, your shaman should spread Flame Shock on them and should be free to spam Fire Novas (unless you are in the middle of a really tight Elementalist, which your are because DPS are only a half of your raid).


You also shouldn't start another Elementalist if you have any Firecallers alive.


Operator Thogar


You should lust at pull. You are hurting your shaman by not allowing him to burst at pull. Your shaman's output during the pull was <50k dps, it should be >120k with his gear.


I went through my logs and found one with the same length. I and Briftotem both had 25 Fire Nova casts but I had over 1000 hits while he had less than 650. This means that those Fire Novas were not as efficient. This might be triggerhapiness but also a tanking issue. Help your shaman by clustering the adds fast enough. Your shaman's dps output through Fire Novas was 100k during the first reinforcement packs, meanwhile, mine was 175k. This is what causes the biggest difference.


Also empowering one of your Fire Novas is more beneficial than spreading empowered Flame Shock on them as the adds don't live long enough.


Storm Elemental Totem is a poor talent choice. You don't seem to have a problem with single target on Thogar, so your shaman should focus on AoE.


If I'm reading the logs right, there seems to be a 10% downtime on Flame Shock on Thogar. While not so significant, it is a dps loss.

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A big mistake is that he is using SeT for both fights.

For thogar he should use EOTE + LM since EOTE gives 2 FN in row and LM do a lot of splash damage on the adds, and for glyphs he should use glyph of fire nova+ lava spread.


On blast furnice same glyphs again but with EF+UF talents and allways EOTE, on that fights SeT is bad due to a lot of aoe and LM is bad since it shoots on the furnice/hearth a lot in p1 and p2 so its better to get 5k flame shock dots on the adds and then fire nova aoe from there.

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