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Trinket help please.

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I'm getting myself very confused with different trinkets and which one is best to use.

basically i have access to 4,


Tablet of Turnbuckle Teamwork - ilvl 691
Stone of Fire - ilvl 685

Knights Badge - ilvl 685

Pol's Blinded Eye - ilvl 670 *with Socket*


My armory is Lúz  *also just a note i have transmogged two of the blue hammers, not a green one... it looks silly like that*


So yeah, I'm not sure which trinket is best and which is better in what case?  - I think Pol's on demand mastery and tablets on demand armour work well as a minor cool down each, but as i cant use them together they cant work as a big cool down? where as the knights badge just generally gives me good armour and a nice chunk of Elusive Brew stacks.  Well frankly i have no idea where stone of fire fits in..


Also Is anyone able to tell me the cool downs on Tablet and Pol's eye? 


Thanks for any help.



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The cooldown for Tablet and Pol's is written on the trinkets. 2min for both of them.


Stone of Fire, if I remember correctly, is static Vers and proc Agl. It sims okay but not overly impressive. By far not worth the cost of the item.


Knight's Badge is very good for some defense but mostly for offence. The static BA on it is great for both and the crit proc is good mostly for offence, but since your crit is very low it will provide a good amount of EB also.


Tablet and Pol's are very similar since they are both clicky trinkets. Monks get a LOT of use out of the Tablet since we have very low armor ratings to start with, the armor from the Tablet doesn't DR really at all for us.


If I was you I would use Tablet and Knight's Badge for 90% of the raid. Tablet gives a good base protection and offence, Knight's does also and gives a good proc for EB and for damage. Tablet being a super strong clicky gives you a soft CD or a good DPS CD to stack with something else.


For high damage progression fights I would switch Knight's Badge out for Pol's Eye, the second clicky can be useful and the socket is nice for a bit more base line.


Remember that the clicky from both Tablet and Pol's isn't meant to just be clicked and forgotten. Use the extra mastery or armor to fuel more powerful Guard's

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@lockybalboa thank you very much, thats great help, - I since I got the tablet i was trying around with the other two (none alch trinket) and couldn't really decide much. - I also was not sure if the bonus armour static was worth giving up for the extra cd _ mastry buff,


& its things like using guard after using the trinket to get bigger guard, I don't even think about. I need to look into these things more and practice tricks like that, it'll make me a better tank. :)


Thank you again.  x

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If I remember correctly, using one On-Use trinket puts the other (if you have 2) on a 30s cd.

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