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Going to start doing CMs and curious if there is a build and/or stats that is better for CM?

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As stated. For MoP there was a lot of BiS lists and gemslots where vital, if I understand it right gems dont work in CM so the question is if some stats are better at lower ilvl and the shorter type of fights that CMs consists of.


Also curious what UH builds are better or if in fact Frost is better for CMs. And yes I know that Blood is godly for CM but we got a tank and I havent tanked as a DK.wink.png

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To start with, there are 2 major reasons why DKs are a big asset in CMs:

1. unglyphed army makes the hardest trash packs trivial

2. mass grip; no other class can provide anything like that

(oh and 3.: the more people with CR you have, the better)

This said, all dps DKs somewhat lack a reliable and frequent enough on-demand aoe burst. Having a melee dps in CMs is pain on its own and DKs will have a hard time to be as efficient as fury warriors, rogues or monks. But ultimately, it depends on the group as whole, so no worries smile.png


In WoD CMs these things are disabled: gems, tertiary stats, warforged bonus, set bonuses, legendary ring procs and some other content not working in rated content (augment runes, garrison building bonuses, so no sticky grenade launcher etc.) These DO work: enchants, food, flasks, potions (stat, healing and invisibility), glider/parachute, hero/BL drums.


No matter which spec you go with, it is a good idea to run your stat weights in SimCraft in CM settings for the spec. For instance, as UH you want to get as much  strength, multistrike and mastery as possible. Then you go pick gear, it includes browsing dungeon journals and apexis vendors and pvp vendors and lots of farming... Conquest gear (ilvl 660) is perfectly ok, if it has the desirable stats. What you do not get as drops, you can craft and reroll. Also, gear tokens (630, 645 and higher from dungeons and missions) can hugely help, but it is based on RNG.


As for the build, you can stay with what you are usually running and are proficient with, for the most possible dps.

tier 1: use at your discretion, PL for the most output

tier 2: Purgatory most of the time, although Lichborne will help with those pesky fears in slag mines and UBRS

tier 3: most likely Asphyxiate for the additional stun / interrupt

tier 4: what you are used to

tier 5: Death Pact

tier 6: Gorefiend is the reason why everybody loves DKs in CMs; if you have another DK (tank), and shortage of other mass stuns, Remorseless Winter is an option (and in places where mass grip is just inconvenient / wasteful, like in Choo-Choo)

tier 7: Defile


If you are playing UH, necroblight is NOT viable. You will be jumping from pack to pack more often than 1.5 minutes and no pack should live long enough for NP to properly build up. On a general note: it is a good idea to start with the easy ones (Auchindoun, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds) and then work towards the harder ones... but you will probably discover that yourself smile.png There are numerous good quality guides everywhere, most notably on youtube :)  GL

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