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Holy Prism change/hotfix

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Hey folks,


  • Light of Dawn's healing has been increased by 5%.
  • Holy Prism will now always heal the 5 closest allies with the lowest health.
I wanted to check in with the community and see if anyone had any insight into the change I bolded above? I am curious as to how this is different from its pre-5.1 iteration. Does this imply that the range component of the spell has been removed?

Disclaimer: I have yet to investigate this in game or in practice yet, and I infrequently use this talent anyway, principally due to the range restrictions making it unfeasible on a lot of encounters. Curious to know if this has changed.

Thanks in advance for any light folks can shed,


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holy prism is like circle of healing now a priest abilty which does almost same .. heals closest 5 -6 allies with lowest health priority.. holy prism pre 5.1 used to heal any one in close range even if he is full hp it used to overheal now it wont unless all are full health :P.

i hope you got the point why change was required .

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