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Boomkin Mythic DPS Problem with logs

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For the last 2 weeks I've been doing mythic raids with my guild , but my dps comes short and I cant fix it for a reason and need some advice here are some logs and my armor ;








Would really appericiate some tips ! Thanks !

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I have looked into your Gruul logfile from Apr 09, and I cant find very much what you did wrong.

If I compare my logs to yours I would suggest the following reasons:

- ilvl 685. At my first kill i had 687, have been dead but did the same DPS as you. Now with 6 itemlevels more an mythic staff, and both trinkets I had 40,7 k. The higher Ilvl you have at Gruul the more DPS you will do. For Gruul its just that simple because of mostly not moving, still standing hard DPS nuke fight.

- multistrike trinket could be a small reason. crit trinkets boost your DPS more at gruul / singletargets


Your rotation seems fine. Also your Opener and the way you use CA / INC-CA again later. SS usage was also fine.


WCL is really slow atm. Cant really watch the other fights to give you more feedback. Will reply again 2morrow when WCL is back online


For Oregorger I think its the same. The often you kill this boss and the better gear you get, the more DPS you'll do.


At Darmac I found some issues:

(Note: this is my style of playing. I focus on high DPS output. There are other ways with less AOE DPS (less general DPS) but with more singletarget boss dmg)

- Manage your INC and CA Cds. On Wed Apr 08 you only did Inc twice in a 10 minutes fight and only 5 times CA...Could have been 6

- It sees you are Doting every spear that spawns. Well, you dont have to. Just keep Starfall running and focus casting Wraths and Starfires to Darmac.

- If you have 2+ charges take one for Lunar Empowerment, but ensure that Starfall can be recast.

- When Packbeasts spawn, try to be in Solar an do a single Sunfire onto one of them.

- try to CA when packbeats spawn and DOT everything around including Starfall

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Thanks a lot for the feedback bro ! I am trying my best to do more my guild is pleased but a mage with nearly same Ilevel as I do pulls out like 9k+ dps in both aoe and single . Will try what you said but I am using the multi trink because it gives the most int I can get this tier 

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Well to be honest ....you are not that bad compared to your mages. It needs more than just looking at Recount an say "Moonkin, do more damage, see the mages, they do 9k more"...Of course they do 9k more, they have to do more... they are frkn mages ^^ ..esp as arcane mages at gruul and oregorger


and btw. at gruul, your mages had 62% and 47% DPS in their ilvlbracket. You had 55% in your bracket...

And you beat them at Oregorger. You had 72% and they had 59% and 22%.

Your damage compared to your current ilvl is what counts.

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