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How about an option to view the gear on the different races?

i want to say that the coding on that would be... interesting to say the very least.

What could help is a link to the set in the wowhead item comparison which would allow you to toy with the race/gender.

Personaly i also wouldn't mind a "User Voted" Mog section. Where IV users could submit their mog sets and each week/bi-week/month the sets with the highest votes would become that (Time period)'s User Mogs.

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Honestly I think the best thing would be instead of farming for the xmog items is too just look them up and have it that way so you could chose what to look like with-out having the item. Now I know blizz would never do this due to them waiting people to go into old content but still would be fun to mix and match and not having the hasle of not having a certain item

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Go to curse and look up "MogIt" it can be used in game to look at certain items and create a set wishlist. You can also change the race and gender of the previews to see how an item would look on a female worgen while playing a human.

There are some addons to the base for Mogit but it seems they are non functioning at this point. It also adds a preview screen when you mose over a visible wearable item.

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