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Brand New Resto Druid Seeking Advice

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Hi All


I am a long time Rogue raider and recently got my first druid to max level. I am only realy interested in healing with druid as it seems to be the first healing class that actually interests me long enough to keep me hooked.


I have some logs from literally my first ever raiding experience as resto and was wondering if anyone could take a quick look over them?


Only really interested in the Butcher kill & wipe as the other attempts were pure PUGtastic fails or LFR.






Armoury - I have some better gear now to when the logs where recorded:




Any help or tips would be appreciated



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I really enjoy healing on my resto druid too :)


Having a quick look at the logs, I would say try bring Lifebloom uptime up a little, as the free regrowths are always nice. And try cast Swiftmend more. In the Normal kill, it doesn't look like your Tranquility did much healing, but that may just be me sucking at reading logs.


Couldn't find the Tree of Life casts either.


Not sure if they are there or not :)


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Yh I fucked up my timing on tranq, from memory I think I cast it like 1/4 second before I got knocked back form bounding cleave so got like zero healing from it (whoops)


My use of switmend feels low compared to how I used it to heal in 5mans and while leveling and im still getting used to my extra througput CD's so I may quite easily not used tree...


Still getting the swing of it!


Thanks for your pointers

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Only checked the normal kills since they only felt really relevant.



Harmony 90%+ good

Lifebloom at 97% really good

10 of 10 mushrooms, good

6 of 19 possible swiftmends, should improve that. Basically swiftmend should be used on cd if possible, since using it on cd also will make keeping the harmony buff up a nobrainer.

0 of 4 Nature's swiftness uses, should try to use this on cd if possible aswell (free healing)

According to your armory you have incarnation talent, you never used this on this fight. tree makes you're rejuvenations cheaper and stronger so its essentially a mana saver.

1 of 1 uses Heart of the Wild, good



Harmony at 90%+ good

Lifebloom at 80%, should be 90%+ for more clearcasting procs (free spells)

8 mushrooms of 9 possible, good.

9 of 18 possible swiftmends

1 of 4 Nature's Swiftness uses

Still no tree

1 of 1 uses Heart of the Wild, good.


All in all pretty good, some things needs to be looked at. especially nature's swiftness uses, tree uses and swiftmend uses.

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Why do you want to use Swiftmend a lot? It's an inefficient and weak ability, you can compare it with an instant Regrowth, although Regrowth provides more HPS for emergency healing.

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