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Is that DPS okay for a Sub Rogue ? Feels low to me

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Hello people,


I just would like to ask how i can improve my dps in sub spec.


Here's the armory of my char ;




While the logs are below : 









I use a pretty standard rotation I guess, building CP with BS and Ambush everytime I can, refreshing Rupture and Hemorrhage while not in SD/Vanish and trying to maximize the Find Weakness uptime on the boss. I usually pool some energy before vanishing, until 80+.


I would be pleased to have some info on how to improve my DPS, and to what extent I'm doing well, cheers in advance guys.

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Well, since you are using WarcraftLogs anyway you might as well start with using their "Compare" feature to get an idea where you stand:



Besides that, since I don't play Sub I can't comment on the specifics of the Spec, but what I did notice in the first log: you didn't use any potions and didn't use Vanish and Preparation?

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Well, it's weird that it doesn't show up in the logs, but I did use Prep/vanishes as you can see here (7 applications of Subterfuge buff) :




It does show up




3 Vanishes and 1 Prep. Over 3:38 fight isn't bad at all. Could probably fit in one more if you use your first Vanish and Prep earlier, but I didn't actually check in too much detail

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Going into suggestions / improvements, your Rupture uptime should be much higher. 


You have a really high Hemo uptime as well, which shouldn't really be used very much


You should use Shadow Dance earlier, you could have fit in another if you did.


Your opener should be

  • Premed (15s before the fight)
  • Prepot
  • SnD
  • Garrote
  • Ambush
  • Ambush (skip this second one if you don't have the set bonus for energy restore)
  • Shadow Reflection
  • Rupture
  • Shadow Dance

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Your rotation is actually pretty good. Maxed on SD usages given the timeframe. A good amount of Ambushes, 26 out of a theoretical max of 28 I think. Meaning you pooled well.

You are right that your dps is a little low for your item level though.


Rupture uptime of 90% could be a little bit better. And other than that it's only a missed prepot (which does a lot actually) and a missing legendary ring proc (which is also very nice).


I also have to agree with Carrn, you have to use SD earlier. If you look at the buffs tab of yourself, almost all your procs are gone before you start the SD. You had 1 trinket proc, and 1,5 weapon procs just "go to waste" by delaying SD.

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Thank you all very much for replies, i've been quite busy lately and i couldn't do it before. I'll take this into account and i'll try to post a log asap.


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