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Retri paladin dps problem with logs

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I am pulling low dps in many pugs and my guild runs and I dont know what the problems is ; 


Here is a log from kromog fight ; 



And the armory ; 



This is from a pug and near the end I died due to lack of healing 


Any help would be appericiated...

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First off, you used the same link for both your logs and your armory (i.e., two links to logs, none to armory). Also, got any Gruul logs to look at? Kromog's not the best one to be looking at for anything, really.

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Hi Kingo, as much as logs are helpful to help us determine where you can improve it would also be awesome if you could link a working armory link.
I did some digging via wowprogress and found you're on Twisting Nether, however when I try to view your armory I get "Character Not Found" (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Xaclyn/)


The order of damaging abilities seems to be in order except for Divine Storm, on my list DS ranks higher than Melee.
Make sure that you're only using DS on single target fights with the Final Verdict buff and the Empowered DS proc

Make sure you're taking Holy Avenger, and macro it to pop at the same time as your Avenging Wrath


#showtooltip Avenging Wrath

/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Avenger


If you're not already try to pool Holy Power up to 5 before using FV, this is so you can use another Holy Power generator afterwards so you can get off another FV quickly after. Also try to prioritise Holy Power generators over Empowered DS procs (with FV buff) until 5 Holy Power, essentially you want to be able to use Empowered DS (with FV buff) and then FV directly after so you have a chance of proccing a new DS (which you should use right away and then go back to pooling.


(Sorry, im not the best at explaining things haha)

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