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feral druid need help in beastlord mythic

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i play feral and in this fight im trying to focus on single target becaue feral sucks on aoe and i need alot of mastry to make fair aoe and other thing we got good cleave for adds


the thing i want is im doing good with this fight or not


this the logs






my aromry




so any advice or suggest that i can improve  my self  i would appreciation


thank you

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Hey there!


I'm going to be focusing on your longest pull on the 12th, wipe 6. 


First things first, you need to get your rip and rake uptime higher. 91% on rake and 81% on rip is too low. You want to get those a lot higher, over 95%. On Beastlord, you are going to lose some uptime due to needing to reapply your bleeds every time Darmac switches mounts, but not as much as you're losing. Work harder to keep those bleeds up at all times.


Your opener is also a bit off. After your initial rake, you want to just pop your Incarnation, shred up to 5 CP or you run out of energy, then you pop Berserk and Tiger's Fury. This ensures that you don't cap out on energy off of the pull and you make the most of your Berserk and TF. Also, on a few of your other pulls, you used Ferocious Bite first instead of Rip, which is a dps loss. Make sure your first finisher is Rip in your opener.


Your Bloodtalon usage is also wrong. You are using it right after your finishers, which is a dps loss. What you want to do is hold your Predatory Swiftness proc until you have 4 or 5 cp so that you can empower your next finisher with your Bloodtalons. The way you are doing it just empowers your shred and rake, which makes you lose a ton of damage from your rip and bite. You are also losing out on a lot of Bloodtalon procs. You had 69 Predatory Swiftness procs, but only 48 Bloodtalon buffs. You lost out on 21 Bloodtalon buffs, which is just lost damage. Try to get all of your Bloodtalon buffs you can get.


Your savage roar uptime is good, your Tiger's Fury usage is good, and your CD usage is good. I would suggest you save your second pot for your 3rd set of CDs when you lust, as you'll get the most out of your pot there. 


I hope this made sense and is of some help!

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