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Holy Priest advice

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My sister plays a Holy Priest and I'm really unsure of how to improve her play because I know very little about Priest in general.


She usually does well in comparison to the other healers but I know that most of the other healers are not great so I want to push to do better but I simply don't know where to start.


Here's some logs from heroic:




Let me know how I can help her improve.

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At a VERY quick glance - there seems to be a lot of casts of PW:S and Flash heal, and not enough binding heal and heal.


Glyphed binding heal is always my "go to" spell when you need that fast cast as it has the potential of so much more than just flash heal if its high group damage.  If its high tank damage then heal and serenity which refreshes renew should be enough as long as other classes are helping out as well.


Im by no means an expert on logs (really poor tbh) but maximising lightwell (putting it out well before the pull then always putting it out when off cd) and using an early divine hymn can help as well.


Fingers croseed someone else can have a bit of a look at these as well :)

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Binding heal with Glyph is indeed a better ability to use compared to flash heal (if you have are not full health). It also refreshes the Renew on all 3 targets it hits. The Serendipity it generates also allows for a Prayer of Healing that, when you have 2 stacks of serendipity, is almost as good as Circle of Healing so don't forget to take advantage of that.

Prayer of Healing heals all people in the same party as the target, so don't forget to set up your HUD so you can see when everyone in that group has taken damage.


If you have trouble with casting abilities on cooldown or knowing your serendipity stacks, I can recommend addons such as TellMeWhen that allow you to track these for you more easily.

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