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T18 trinkets, set items, and rings, Oh My!

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Class trinkets: http://www.wowhead.com/news=247153/6-2-ptr-spell-changes-new-follower-abilities-tier-18-set-bonuses-archimonde-trin#tier-18-class-trinkets


Ring for tanks (proc is not final): http://ptr.wowdb.com/items/124637-sanctus-sigil-of-the-unbroken


Ring for Agl (proc not final): http://ptr.wowdb.com/items/124636-maalus-the-blood-drinker


Monk 2pc(clearly not final):http://ptr.wowdb.com/spells/185398-item-monk-t18-brewmaster-2p-bonus#19802-19890

Monk 4pc(clearly not final): http://ptr.wowdb.com/spells/185399-item-monk-t18-brewmaster-4p-bonus#19802-19890


Tier 18


Okay...so the 2pc and the 4pc we can ignore since these are clearly not done yet. The 2pc could go live and it would be kind of nice, better then what we got now at least. But the 4pc is clearly just a place holder.


New Ring Proc


The ring proc...why. Why, why, why. 10% vert is nice, uninteresting, but nice. 10% extra healing is nice, uninteresting, but nice. 10% of damage split is kind of...useless.


On a single target fight where only one tank is taking damage at a time (roughly) it would be nice, even if one tank is taking a significant amount more then the other then it will be nice.


In the first case it will basically be a 10% flat reduction. In the second case it will be close to that but not as good. 


Using totally made up numbers, the closer the two tanks come to taking equal damage the less effect the ring will have.


Case #1:

If tank A is taking 100k and tank B is taking 0, then it will be a 10k reduction for Tank A (Tank A taking 90k, tank B taking 10k).


Case #2:

Tank A is taking 100k and tank B is taking 50k, tank A will have a 5k reduction (Tank A taking 95k, tank B taking 55k).


Case #3:

If tank A and tank B are taking 100k then no one is getting a reduction.


The total healing required will be more or less the same. In case 1 and 2 the extra damage to the other tank will likely be covered by the copied healing that the main tank is taking so extra healing will likely not need to be expended.


To me the only real value of this ring proc (out side of the vert and copied healing) would be in that you are less likely to take a spike damage that will kill you. The damage taken might even out, but it will be less spiky. There are simply to many fights where both tanks are taking roughly the same damage to really see this is a damage reduction proc.


Although the ring proc is bland and unimpressive, the class trinket is worse.


New Class Trinket


Eluding Movements: When you drop below 25% health, you gain a charge of Elusive Brew. Elusive Brew also increases damage dealt by 7%.


This is basically as useless as out current T17 4pc proc. Drop below 25% HP, really? MAYBE if this was like 75% HP then the proc might be worth a damn. But 25% HP for ONE FREAKING STACK OF EB? Current gear I'm already swimming in EB, I'm really never feeling the need for MORE of them. I could use more, but I don't really NEED more. With the next level of gear that will come in the next raid I'll need extra EB even less since I will have 7-10% more crit then I do now.


At the proc only activating at 25% HP I'd get maybe 5-10 procs on progression, 1 or 2 procs on farm fights. If the proc was higher say 60-75% HP then I would get an amount of extra procs that might help.


7% damage is fairly meh, if it was 7% PER STACK then it would be amazing. Very bursty when you needed it. Even if it was 2% per stack, even 1% per stack, it would be better. And extra damage is meh, I would rather have it be 1 or 2% per stack extra Mastery or Resolve or Armor, something that would help buff my Guard, Expel Harm, Ox Orbs, and boost my damage a little then just a flat dull 7% damage.



Overall this is just boring. Dull. Unimaginative. Without caring or deep understanding of the class. Just...really disappointing.


It would make me a lot happier to see some of their art team fired so we could make room for more thinkers on the team. Idea people to come up with awesome and balanced stuff instead of just covering up all the crap with nice textures.


Our game is basically becoming a super model. Dressed up real fine, make up done just right, got the walk to make jaws drop, but still in desperate need of a sandwich.

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If we had a boss where dps was not an issue, and yet the tanks not getting killed was, Would it be possible for all in the raid to wear the tank ring. Or if the 10% healing on the tank shared out to the raid would remove some consistent raid wide damage? say 1% of the tanks damage and 10% of the tanks healing? 

This way we could have say 5 people wearing the ring, so they alll get 10% healing the tanks get, they all share the damage the tanks get? so if the tanks/healers were really struggling we could dish out some damage to some of the dps? 


And does this make glad warriors very very useful, in sharing some tank damage while getting extra healing and no draw back?

I mean it would works great if you even just had one dps glad warrior with it on? - as long as there isn't major raid wide damage then he wouldn't need any heals and the 10% not he tank should be enough?


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The rings have been changed already making the point a bit moot, but no I don't think with the old plan or with the new plan having more people then just the tanks using the ring would be helpful.


The new rings have a 2min SHARED COOLDOWN 25% damage reduction and the same 10% damage sharing proc.


A SHARED COOLDOWN for tanks is kind of stupid. I think I'd rather use the DPS agl legendary ring then the tank one.

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Wholly agree that the tank rings needs a rethink. If the 10% damage shared was active longer, then I think it'd be okay, but if we extrapolate out a time where both tanks have equal incoming damage, but are different classes, then it really just penalizes the tank who takes less damage to begin with because tanks that take more baseline damage typically have much better selfhealing to compensate. If we look at a situation where a warrior and DK are tanking and each has 100k incoming damage, the DK will take it to the face and the warrior will block 30%. This means the DK puts 10k into the shared damage pool and the warrior puts 7k in, for a total pool of 17k and a split of 8.5k. So the warriors would end up taking 1.5k more despite being unable to heal the difference, when the DK would. Alternately, if the ring's split is calculated before damage reduction, then it's doing absolutely nothing.


The other part of the ring, the 25% reduction with a 2 minute CD... really? Maybe if it was not shared or if it was a one minute CD. Otherwise, sure I'd rather have it than have nothing, but I'm just not impressed. The shared nature of the rings just doesn't really work for tanks like it works for the other roles.

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