HearthStone Weekly, come join us for week 2!

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Join here http://www.xfire.com/tournament/3871

HearthStone Weekly is a one day long amateur tournament which runs every Friday on XFire. Players of all skills can play however it’s ideally for amateur players (non legendary players).The helps those who seek to become more professional at HearthStone by giving them the opportunity to play in a competitive format.


The tournament is single elimination, each round (series) is best of 3. Each player must have at least 3 classes to use, after each game both players will change heros (you are not limited to the decks you used in a previous series and you may not use the same hero in a series). This allows players to experiment with their decks, and gives a fair match allowing you to use any deck you want.


Check in starts Friday on Xfire at 6:30pm and the games start at 7pm EDT

Each round is 45 minutes long, however if both players are ready to play you may start your next round as soon as you like.

Friday 7:00PM EDT - All rounds


The winner will be given 7 packs ($10) which will be sent shortly after the completion of the tournament. All money transactions will be via PayPal.

Support our Patreon for better prizes and more tournaments


Follow us on Twitter


Like us on Facebook


Message DGTL3005 on Xfire for our email

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Hello... I'm a new hearthstone player and i'm asking for your advice before i make any purchase. Now that the blackrock mountain is out, di you recommend playing blackrock first or should i start play NAxxramas first...

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