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Hi All,


i have been playing my mage as i fealt sorry for it sat at lvl 90 since WOD started. this week i dinged 100 and i have suddenly found a passion for fire mage. i managed to scraped together gear to get to 648 ilvl and Lead a pug raid of BRF Normal last night. only real aim was to get some gear TBH.


i just wanted some feed back on how i am doing as i noticed one of the raiders (who incedentally helped dramatically towards the kills(dps wise) posted up logs of the 4 bosses we downed.


so basically any advice encounter specific and in general would be greatly apreciated. please remember i was at times having to message people to get them to do things during the fight...


Warcraft logs



https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2KZ7LNXB9kzxYmd8#fight=16&type=damage-done( i died early on due to being an idiot... and runnign away from the healers lol)







so any pointers greatly appreciated, any feed back on what i am doing right also.


also tips for upcoming multi target fights(beast / thogar etc) would be appreciated

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so i have been trying to scrutinise my own playstyle,


what i have realised is that i am doing it the following: i.e


fireball> fire ball (hu proc)> inferno > firebal (pyro proc) > pyroblast


then whatever happens afterwards is based on proc situation, large amount of the time theres a HU or Pyro proc available which then make me cast


fireball> Pyro


fireball>inferno >firebal> pyro


i seem to end up with fireball inbetween every instant cast possible


the problem occurs when i have a heating up proc and no infero blast ready to guarnatee the pyro proc, so i casting fireball and sometimes getting pyro but more often having to start from scratch again. (is there a move that doesnt lose the heating up proc i could squeeze in?) or should i just hope and prey and lose the heating up proc that is there if it doesnt crit


currently i dont have any set pieces and i think when i get them this scenario will be void as i will always have the extra inferno to proc the heating up into pyro proc.


now i know this isnt what i suggested in the guide but its seems really smooth and easy to make good use of the procs in this fashion, can anyone tell me how much its affecting my dps?


also i realise i need to improve my combustion usage, specifially to maximise the ignite before casting it, one question is about mutiple targets and meteor, is it still worth trying to cram it in if its hitting 6-7 enemies stacked like in beastloard scenario purely for the combustion move?


sorry i ask alot. i just like to understand the cause and effects of what i find working for me

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