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long time player returning to wow and need advice

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hey all. so i have been playing wow off and on now for nearly 10 yrs. i am just comming back little bits at a time right now because im not to sure what all i should really be doin.


heres a bit of background.


i have a lvl 100 pally, lvl 100 lock, and a lvl 98 spriest.


i pretty much all i have been doin lately is just logging in and running around in my garason. i have gotten a total of 31 followers now. but just found out a week ago about the epic mount trait for lowering mission times. so i just got my 2nd today and im working on lvling them up.


im currently on garrosh server. but thinking of moving back to my normal server of srea 52 with a friend of mine.


im not able to log in and play like 6+ hours straight everyday so i know that really limits what i can do in game. (I.E not able to goin a guild for raiding).


if i am able to stay logged in for any length of time i just stick with easy stuff like lfr.


my ret pally is prob the guy i use the most so thats what i have been focusing on. i have gotten him to ilvl 654. and most of that is from missions.


i dont have a huge ammount for gold in game either. i would like to figure out a way to increas that so i could get some other gear from the ah if need be.


and now i read that in the new 6.2 parch there comming out with shipyards for the garason.


so im wondering from all of you guys what should i really be focusing on?


there is so much to do in the game now its a bit overwelming and not to sure what i should be consentrating on.


thanks for taking the time to read all this and hope to hear back from some of you soon.

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let me start off with this: moving servers will probably not be neccercary since cross realm parties and raids are as common as grass now.

with your itemlevel you could very well start doing Highmaul normal/heroic. This may sound like a big step up but in my experience normal raiding is pretty easy especially in a group with some good il players.

If you cant play for 6 hours a day that's fine too, you could still do some raiding in dungeon finder groups, you can leave whenever you want so you're less time schedule bound.

if you want to step up your char I would advise to find groups for highmaul heroic, your item level seems to agree with it and pieces that drop will be il 670 (or 676 warforged). Do note however that if you have not done normal highmaul, you may want to clear some there first in order to get a better understanding of the fights. ofcource IV guides can help in that area especially.


a few months back I hade the same "walking around garrison practically waiting for damn work orders to pop up" situation, I just said to myself, why not just join some random group for normal highmaul, and now Im clearing brf heroic content. I do play in a guild raid team but I spend more time in Pugs that in guild raids.


I hope this may be a way for you to find some new challenges.



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Hello, Darrell.

You didn't mention what kind of activities you would prefer in game, so I'll try to describe different possibilities.


First of all, money gaining:

There are three ways of getting decent amount of gold without spending long hours.

1. For all your toons: Treasure hunting ability for your followers + level 3 Inn for lucrative treasure hunter missions + level 3 Salvage Yard + Mage Tower (optional).

- Treasure Hunting ability will double yield from the treasure hunter missions. Do not forget to complete Harrison Jones quest line on your toons and get him as a follower (if you didn't do it yet).

- level 3 Salvage Yard gives you a huge amount of green gear that should be vendored (not disenchanted)+BoP 610 blues that should be disenchanted. Tip: always chose missions in 95-100 lvl range that give big boxes - small bags from missions are completely useless.

Why to vendor green gear? Nobody really needs old enchanting materials in WoD both because you can level Enchanting on the WoD materials from the very start and can't really use old enchants on the 'wrong' level gear (you can technically but it's a waste).

WoD greens are disenchanted for 1-2 dust that you can sell for 3-4 gold, while vendoring the same items will give you 10-35 gold per item most of time.

WoD BoP blues though could be disenchanted for 8-12 dust which is much better.

- Mage Tower: well, portals are nice but the reason to have it here is in the Immediate Finishing Mission Orders that you can obtain from the Tower Work Orders. Pretty nice, especially for 8-10 hour missions. 


Having these buildings on your 3 toons will provide you with 10-20K gold every week while doing literally nothing except of sending followers to missions and open crates.


2. Crafting.

I hope that you remember that in WoD you can start to craft WoD stuff from the level 1 of every profession.

Take Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Inscription and Alchemy, so you'll be able to craft for yourself 685 ilvl Armor (BS), trinkets (Inscription and Alchemy), 675 Weapon (BS).

Build profession buildings with the followers for every profession and craft BoP prof items every day on CD.

Build level 3 Barns on all your toons for farming Savage Blood (crafted items upgrade). If you feel that soloing elite beasts is hard, bring a bodyguard follower with you on farm (Illana or Delvar are very good) or join random farm groups from the Group Finder-->Premade Groups-->Custom in-game menu.

Make +50 gems and blue enchants with your Ench and JC professions and sell them on AH - it's pretty fast and good money.


It may look like a lot of time spending, but I can tell from my experience (5 lvl 100 alts with lvl 3 garrisons and 25 active followers on each) that 20 min in the morning, 20 min in the evening for sending followers to the missions and 2 hours twice a week for refilling all the Profession Buildings are enough to manage all this.


3. Old raid content soloing (if you are into this stuff).

Good money + transmog gear + mounts + fun


This was about money.


Now, what you can do in game if you can't plan your time:

1. PvE.

- If LFR is not satisfying for you yet, you can use in-game Group Finder. It's the same place as Raid Finder, but instead RF tab you have to go to Premade Groups (the bottom one)-> Raids - Warlords of Draenor. There are plenty of raids there for all the player levels - from Normal Highmaul up to 10/10 Heroic BRF and Mythic trash. The main advantage of this finder is that you can raid when you have a time and on the level you want without being stack with specific raid hours.

- Challenge Modes: did you try it? You don't have to run 8/8 Gold in the single night, but to spend an hour there could be quite a fun.

- Soloing old content. It's pretty cool to look around without raid rush ^^ and you can stop and log off every time you need it and then come back in an hour or next week.


2. PvP

Random BGs -  same, if you don't have hours to play, do one or two and log off

Arenas - more time consuming and needs a friend or a couple of friends, but it's a nice activity too


3. Achievements

Open your achievements tab and focus on some section. Go for all the professions achievements / exploration / quests / dungeons&raids... Loads of stuff to do here and if you will focus on something specific, it will give you a feeling of forward movement and a goal.


4. Collecting

Are you into it? Try to collect all the mounts / pets / toys / nice transmog gear for your toons


5. Pet battles.

Travel all over the world, catch rare pets, battle NPCs or other players.


Well, there're loads of stuff to do in game. If you can figure out on what kind of activities you want to focus, you'll be able to make some forward movement. smile.png

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