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Why do I suck? Need ret pally help!

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Looking at Gruul, your Crusader Strike's aCD is way too long - roughly 6.5s, translating to a pretty significant loss in HoPo over time. You also aren't lining up your Wings and Scabbard usage - stacking them is significantly better than popping SoK on CD. You cast DS 16 times, but only had 8 EDS procs meaning you wasted 24 HoPo that would better have been spent on FV. Only used one potion; if you can pop one just before you get put into combat, it'll go on CD and you'll be able to use a second one later. Can be tricky if your tanks don't use any sort of a pull timer, though.


Short of it, though, you desperately need to work on your rotation. Look into CLCRet/Hekili to help monitor your priority.

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CLCRet and Hekili are different addons that will add displays to your UI that will show you an optimized spell priority based on a number of direct, in-game factors, usually right in the middle of your screen so you don't have to look down at your bars all the time to watch for aCDs. Using either should help you get your rotational priorities straight, and that alone should bring up your DPS.

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