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I am back! Holy pally looking to go to the next level!

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Hey! Thanks to all that helped me the first time i was able to get into a better raiding guild and start putting out some nice healing for a noobie holy pally. Now i am moving onto mythic soon and really in need of stepping up my game. I have been like clicking the person then hitting a heal key IE 1 , 2 ,3  but i just set up clique. So i know thats a major step up but what else can i do? Here are some new logs 






Anyone out there with some advice is welcome! thanks again!

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First of all - better use warcraftlogs - more info and easier to read. Also you coud check other players and even check how they move and what they cast (replay option).


Clique is great. You shoud bind all spells on it (heal/save/dispell).


Another thing - interface, ppl not ofthen think about it when start play wow, but it's important - you shoud always see your CD, raid frame and "battlefield". I coud post mine later couse i need screen it in raid.


I reccomend you TellMeWhen addon or Weak Auras - you coud track your CD, buffs/debuffs, boss abilities... anything. It will anounce you with glowing or with sound, or shacke your screen. You coud setup it any way you want. For example it will light-up my Holy Shock and AW when they off cd. Or i coud track debuff on me - for example margok's "curse", and when it on me with 5 stacks - TMW will glow and shake your screen, telling you "run away from raid".


Another addon i start using - ExorcusRaidTools. It have lot of stuff in it - bossmods (MUST HAVE FOR KROMOG!!!), raid-cd track (as healer i prefer to see what our raid have and what on cd), notes - you coud type there important info (for example raid-cd sequance, so you wont forgot it after first pull xd) and more other stuff  - auto-on battlelog when you in dungeon, log-reader in game, battle-timer etc... 

Good thing about ERT - you coud ON only mods you need, and disable others.


About your gear - you rly need 2 spirit tring? Do you have mana problems? Probably better Chew Toy + Goren Soul/Darmac's Talisman. Crit/Haste proc rly great on this trinkets, also they have higher int than "heal" trinkets. I am not shure you coud roll it from coin now, you shoud check this on your own.
One more thing - mana. You shoud track not only your mana, but other healers too. If you have 90% and other healers only 30-50%, you shoud burn it faster (if it not first minute of fight ofcouse), tell your healers when you press your "wings", so they coud conserv some mana. You coud try unglyped AW for some fights, cose sometimes your raid need one more big save - and unglyped AW great save.
Use your BoP every time you coud - Darmac, BlackHand, Maidens and other fights.
Sacrifice ppl who reciving lot of dmg - not only tanks, you coud sacr ppl with dot on blackhand/darmac/maidens, dog's targets on kagraz etc.
LoH on raiders who gonna die - you have to use mouseover for it, somtimes you have like 0.5 to cast it. It will save battle-res for next time (and this "next time" will be often, belive me).
Tell your RL about your DivineAura, where you coud use it and how often. Again - Darmac AoE, Oregore AoE, Grull Infernal+Petr, BlackHand between phases, when he shatter floor and other. You shoud use it as often as you can, but not mix it with other raid-cd. Remember, it mitigate only magic dmg, so you cant save raid from phys-dmg on blackhand's first phase. You HAVE to know where magic dmg and where phys.
And my favorite stuff - Buble+Taunt Boss when he in enrage or both tanks dead! Often you will have situation like this - 10 ppl dead, 10 alive, boss have 1kk. You need buy as much time as you can - so you TAUNT boss(if tanks dead) and RUN AWAY, than, when he near you - you press BUBLE and boss start run back to some dd. You press TAUNT AGAIN when he near this DD - yay! we bought like 10-20 sec for raid.


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Hey! thanks for the indepth reply. Here is what i changed so far this week, first got warcraftlogs, clique, made a mouse over macro for holy prism,( i need a stop cast macro/mouse over for lay on hands /bop still) i got the 4 peice bonus so got my WEAK auras set up to show the procs and took the Divine purpose talent. going to doing load ErT add on now. I think i have darmacs instable in my bank so i will grab that. which trinket should i get rid of then? whats a good add on to track mana?

I can no long coin trinkets that are ** dps** trinkets so i hope in a while after the dps in my guild i can get a shot at them.  Sounding good? thanks again for the help smile.png

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I check others mana with elvui, but it's full ui replacement. You coud ask ppl or check logs, its not rly vital, but it will give you some idea when you shoud heal more and when you coud conserv mana/save your cd's.


Also there is lot of addons like grid/vhoodo/shadowed unit frames/healbot witch replace your raidframes, but i used only grid and it was on WotLK, so i cant give you advise here. Now i using elvui, but as i said - it's full ui replacemant and it looks wierd )


Not shure about prism mouseover, you shoud cast it on boss, so easier select boss as target and cast it with hotkey. Also you coud do this - bind it for clique AND at your abilities panel. If you mouseover on your frame and press hotkey, it wil cast it on this target. If you just press it with mouse off frame - it will cast it on your selected target(boss/adds or raider).


So you coud always select boss as target and coud see hes HP(often you want know %Hp for phase switch), boss current target and what he doing(casting).


You want trinket with base int and proc. So better Chew Toy(int+spirit proc) and other int trink(crit proc>haster proc, and 10 sec buff>stackable buff).

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