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Iron Maidens Destro Questions

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Hey all...ok so I have been running destro for all of BRF and seem to be doing ok.I have improved greatly from studying logs and such...currently I'm at 67% UB mastery...I run service/servitude for everything and that seems to work...my questions are this...on bosses such as Hans Fran's, thogar, beastlord, maidens and kromogg is service/servitude my vest choice...do I have enough mastery to run sac/CR? ? And on maidens specifically I'm pushing around 27 - 30k with service/servitude...is sac/cata better? What is the preffered destro talents for said bosses (all the ones I mentioned) and if you do run service/cata..what pet? Actually what pet with cata period?? Or just no lol...

Thank you


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Not sure on how much damage is appropriate for destro maidens as I've only played demo for that fight. As for CR/GoSac viability: what I've gathered reading around here and at the battle.net warlock forums is that a good rule of thumb is to have a GSR and the 4pc. Some posts I've read suggest around 2000 unbuffed mastery to be what to aim for, but I don'the think there are any hard-and-fast rules. As far as boss fights go, if you MUST go destro, I'd say Serv/Serv for Hans/Franz due mainly to the amount of movement. Same for Beastlord, as adds don't usually live long enough to warrant AoE CBs and boss damage just tends to be more useful. Bursting down hands on Kromog is nice with CR, but it kinda depends on your raid comp. Same with Operator, although the adds are a bit longer-lived and more frequently occurring. The best advise I think would be to just try it out for yourself and see which works better for you and your group.

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Sac/CR should be your choice (given the thing that Destro is your only spec, shame on youwink.png) in any AoE case - Beastlord, Kromog and Thogar among of those you've mentioned.
Cata choice depends on your raid comp - traditionally, Thogar is awesome for Cata, yet you lack Demo's burst; Beastlord adds needs to be killed by somebody and if it's your duty - take Cata; For Kromog - once again,if your raid needs hands damage you should take them.
Not taking Cata will provide you a flexibile build for those fights still - FnB potential is here and your ST damage is still around.

Destro on H&F is crap due to movement around, regardless of what you choose. Serv/Serv is slightly better there but they are both really inferior.

IM is tricky - it is certainly not a Destro fight. They are 3-target council - not really enough to make any good deal out of FnB but yet too requiring your bonus cleave damage. Try out Cataclysm with Sac, but I wouldn't be guaranteeing your sucsess;

In which gear you are pulling 27-30k on IM? It's way too far for Heroic DPS, not even talking Mythic.

Another remark regarding your stat question - Mastery doesn't really matter for CR that hard. Reaching the aforementioned 2000 of Mastery is a very, very hard task with those new items, reforging gone and stuff. Play it relying on your "breakpoint" of 4pc and GSR/BMC, not the stat count.
And Serv/Serv is still wanting that Crit to work, hey! No wonders that with all that Mastery jazz and BRF loot you are lacking behind using it.

I am a bit biased against Destro, partly because of SoO hype train gone(and people refuse to believe it), partly because it's really lacking now. Sorry for that, but my talk is real.biggrin.png

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Sorry about necroposting if it is so, just got something about this topic to add.

I've did a bunch of Destro on HC Iron Maidens, and it was hella fun. GoSac(as you don't FnB and don't really move) and Cata, unglyphed DS and unglyphed Havoc. This wipe log, though I died as soon as p3 emerged, I believe.(It also features my best DPS in Demo, occasionally.)

Gameplay is somewhat OK. Fine haste level (I have like 14% and HC DUT) gives enough embers from casts and 2pc procs to Havoc a CB every 15seconds or so and still have something to dump when you DS. The fact DS doesn't affect Cata in the same way it does for Demo is something interesting - you can hold/use earlier either of those cooldowns.
Mashing Havoc all the time as well as keeping Immo was disturbing but I got used to it quickly.

Damage is slightly lower to what I do in Demo, but type of damage you bring in could be more convenient/effective during p3(bursting dem turrets.).
P1/2 cleave matters less, as we stop damage anyway.

TLDR: You still can Cata Destro on IM, but not as great as Demo.

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