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Help me, warrior-masters-of imba dps!

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Hi, it's my first post here, and with it, i would like to ask for help to improve my dps. So let's start.


Here are the logs from our last Gruul, mythic.




My rotation:

(macro with charge, storm bolt, recklesness, bloodbath)



-Wild Strike (if proccs)


-Raging Blow (if procced second time)

-Wild strike (if proccs)


Thats my armory,



Please help me :(



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Don't spec for Siege Breaker... Ever.

Even Ravager does more damage than Siege Breaker. It's almost never worth getting SB.


Usually on gruul I tell warriors to spec Bloodbath and Anger Management simply because it allows you to reck 3 times, and coupled with 4 set-bonus I don't need to explain why that would be awesome.

Also don't use Raging blow just because you have 2 stacks (Especially during reck)

Use Raging blow whenever you can if you don't have procs available.

Assuming you have no procs what so ever your most basic rotation is pretty much BT - Raging Blows - Wild Strike - Repeat


You have more than enough haste for rage to not be a problem so if your Raging Blow can enrage you (2-set tier) you can delay having to use BT which is awesome smile.png

On my warrior during Reck I'm almost constantly spamming Raging Blow 24/7 since it keeps procing the 2-set bonus for some reason.


+ Your enrage uptimes is really low.

I might be completely missing it but it looks to me like you never use Berserker Rage?

In case you're not aware of this, Using Berserker Rage does actually enrage you.

Most warriors use it when enrage falls off and their next BT doesn't crit.

But ideally you start saving it when your next Bloodbath comes back off CD because noone likes having Bloodbath up when not being enraged.




Going over your other logs I see that not using Berserker Rage is a recurring problem for you which is why your enrage up-time time is so low.

And again, don't spec Siege breaker... Ever... Even on oregorger.

You can make Siege Breaker useful if you have a very specific set of gear and trinkets.

And a free tip for Oregorger to help your dps a little bit.

When Oregorger rolls you can use Die by the Sword to parry his roll.

That way you can stay on a box and have him roll over you no problem ;-)





TL;DR Bloodbath, Anger Management - Use Raging Blow whenever you have it, Use Berserker Rage to get enraged.

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Thank you very much! Gonna try all you said... berserker rage, true dont use it too often, cause WHEN is  the right moment to use it? When i use BT, i enrage proccs, its ok. But other time i use BT, enrage doesnt procc. So then use berserker rage? But if next BT procc, then using berserker rage wont be considered a waste?


PS. also can you recommend some addons? Will they really help me improve my dps? Are there addons that wont totally change my UI, mess with it etc. But will be simple, cosmetic improvements?

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The right moment to use Berserker Rage (BR from here on out) is pretty much whenever you aren't enraged :P


So you're enrage right, your next BT is going to be available when enrage is still up for 4 seconds.

If that BT doesn't crit, no problem, wait for the next one.

The next BT is 4 seconds later meaning that your enrage is about to fall off or just fell off.

If this BT does not crit then it's an ideal moment to use BR.

You use BR when you are not enraged and you just used BT but it didn't crit.


However, as I said before, it does have a 30 second CD so if you have a Bloodbath coming up you might want to keep it to ensure that you can stay enraged for as long as possible during bloodbath (or Avatar or even bladestorm).



As for addons, I use TMW (TellMeWhen) to keep track of important stuff. (Others use WeakAuras, they pretty much do the same thing, I just use TMW because it's less complicated :P)


My TMW is set to show a massive enrage icon in the top-center of my screen so I can immediately see when I am or am not enraged.

I also have it set to show massive icons just under my character whenever I have important CDs available (Bloodbath, Recklessness, Dragon Roar, and Ravager).



There is an addon called "Smash" which is pretty useful to get comfortable with your class.

It's an addon that literally tells you what spell to use.

Only problem with that addon is that it doesn't factor in boss specific things.

When you want to bladestorm for example it won't tell you to bladestorm, it'll just follow your normal rotation.

+ I do believe it doesn't look at your trinkets either.

It's a good addon to learn your rotation but don't follow it blindly. It'll help but keep using your own brain :P



I'll include my own config files for TMW, they might be useful to you, they might be annoying, so it's up to you :P

Sharing configs tends to be quite buggy so I hope it works at least.




TMW: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tellmewhen

Smash: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/smash


My TMW Config: https://www.sendspace.com/file/6ei9y9


Extract the config zip file (it contains 4 files)

Put those files in: "World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YourAccountName\SavedVariables"

Log in and once you're in game type '/tmw'

Right click on on of the boxes and a screen should pop up (if I remember correctly)

On the bottom there's an import/export option.

Import the settings from my warrior (Stormscale - Amputated).

It's set to track all your CDs even when you respec but it doesn't work when you are running around outside.

I found that to be very annoying so by default everything is hidden but as soon as you enter a dungeon or raid it should appear ;-)



Let me know if it works! :)

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Cool addon. Big thanks for sharing your config (i was trying to make my own, but was kinda clueless and lost in all this options and conditions), ! Gonna try it on todays raid, and share how it went after! Huge beer  for you, mate!

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Addon works fine. But my dps still is not decent for ilevel 687 :/ While i am aware that addon only help me see when im enraged and when im not (help alot to know when to use berserker rage), shows CD's that kind of stuff. But if my rotation is right (using the Icy Veins guide) then i have no clue what else might be wrong.

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Your enrage up-time is getting better smile.png

Don't give up yet, 1 step at a time wink.png


Apart from knowing your rotation and buffs and all I see a lot of warriors fall into the trap that their class is supposed to do consistent DPS like all the other classes which isn't the case.

Looking at your guild's latest logs it's very obvious that you have the very same problem someone else had earlier on this forum.

I'll link you to that post but beware, it's a serious wall of text tongue.png




I know it can be frustrating to learn warrior, mainly because all our DPS has to be cheesed.

On beastlord for example, if you only focus the boss you'll do what? 30k? maybe less?

If your top priority is bladestorming the adds every time you'll do 60k.

It's sad that this is how warriors work these days but that's how it is dry.png

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Yknow, actually for gruul, I've been trying playing with Avatar and Anger Management and prioritizing Procs > BT > everything else.

It seems to be doing good damage so far so I'll let you know when we kill gruul tomorrow how it turned out.

Stuck on the PTR atm dry.png





So turns out that Avatar/AM is quite good on Gruul.

Trinket timing isn't exact but it works quite well as long as you use BT off CD to get tons of rage.

Here's my log from earlier tonight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/KPJChADHd2F8yBVk/

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After few mythic runs on gruul, ore, beastlord (this one is very bad for single target dps :/)


I can tell this, that only getting new trinkets (hc from flamebender and blackhand) really solved the problem, and improved my DPS, drastically. I feel thats not THIS yet, but alot better. Gonna try to improve more, and more.


Thanks alot tho, without you, i wouldnt be that far good wink.png cheers mate


PS. all that makes me wonder, why ICY-VEINS guide to fury warrior isnt updated with this, that at some point mastery>multistrike ? why they keep suggesting that bloodbath>avatar?, and that siegebreaker > anger management? hm

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Because in the grand scheme of things those talents are better in 'most' average situations with average gear.

Once you start getting good gear, and depending on your assigned role and prioritized stats everything changes.


That's why you always have to take guides with a grain of salt.

They are after all 'Guides' not THE way of doing things carved in stone.

The guides will help newcomers but at some point they become less and less relevant.

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