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consistant 50% rank parses as sub rogue, looking for advice.

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I've been playing wow for a few years now and have always played either mage or rogue as my main depending on what expansion it is so I would say I know the in and outs of my class. My guild is 8/10 heroic in BRF and I'm ilvl 683 in my sub gear. 


I feel like I have my rotation down very tightly but I rarely see any improvement in my dps regardless of how much I study my play. I know how to pool energy for vanishes and do my best not to have to ever recast snd during sdance/find weakness, maximize my FW uptime, etc.. My rupture uptime can be worked on more but with my trinkets procing I'm sure we all know that struggle Here's my most recent parse on Gruul, https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/aFjh4bJDCVAL8vMP#type=damage-done&source=7&fight=3. I play sub for only 3 fights, Gruul, flamebender, and oregorger which makes it seem like I should focus more on my combat fights but I'm more interested in improving as a sub rogue. I'm hoping if anybody could see any glaring mistakes I've been overlooking. 


A secondary question, Shadow craft shows that my heroic Meaty Dragonspine Trophy is slightly higher dps than my er normal Beating heart of the mountain. I'm conflicted about switching them as the on use would be more useful as it lines up with both agi pots, Sdance and reflection I'll get. I'll have to do more research on that myself to figure out which pulls better dps. 


Any and all feed back is welcome, thank you!

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Okay first things first 


Your opener could use some improvement, I think.


1) Starting with Garrote is the most optimal. If you have your 2pc, follow it with 2x Ambush. If no 2pc, just use 1 Ambush


2) Your Beating Heart should be macro'd to Shadow Reflection since it shares the cooldown and you should always follow up SR with a Dance anyways. SR > Rupture > Dance


3) You never want to use BS while your clone is up - having it copy a weak skill is bad. Rupture hits hardest out of all your skills, so you want it to copy that every time you can, in addition to Evis.


4) Really try and maximize the number of Evis casts you're getting during Find Weakness


Overall your rotation and everything looks really tight. There's a decent chance that a bit more optimized gear would help you a lot - more Mastery Multi, less Haste - but this is the case for a lot of people that normally play Combat.


I don't know about the trinket, honestly - I think Beating Heart should be better, but Shadowcraft tends to be right. I'd spend 10 minutes with each on a target dummy and practice and see for yourself. You won't get the HaT procs, but at least that will be the same across both specs

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