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Help me help our rogue: With logs

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well im not the best rouge but as sub you shouldnt use venom rush its rather far behind compared to shadow reflection by quitee a bit. shadwo reflection then rupture then shadow dance.. make sure saving up energy for dance and make sure you use vanish after the exposed weakness drops off then prep then vanish again for maximum exposed weakeness uptime

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There are lots of people here who are more expert than I am, but some obvious things stand out to me.

  1. Shadow Reflection is missing. This is by far the biggest issue. It is a must have for Sub.
  2. Shadow Dance is part of the opener, and was missed, which is a very big deal. Probably explains why his Find Weakness uptime is so low.
  3. Premed usage could be better. Make sure this gets cast with <=3 CP (it doesn't add anticipation charges) every time shadow dance or vanish is up.
  4. Prep came pretty late. Should be immediately after the first vanish. Doesn't matter so much when the fight duration is <5m, but he'll want to clean that up.
  5. He's casting hemo while FW is up. That's a DPS loss. Hemo uptime is generally not a target, and Backstab is always a priority over hemo while FW is up.
  6. Could have cast vanish again at 4m. He should have 4 vanishes in this fight, but has only 3. Again, that is a loss of FW uptime.
  7. Make sure energy is being pooled for dance and vanish. This is personally my biggest failing. The idea is to maximize eviscerate casts while FW is up, and to extend FW as long as possible by being able to cast an ambush right before dance/vanish expire.

What's up with the Time Warp cast at 30s? I thought my guild was bad for waiting until 3s on fights like this, but this is like the worst case scenario. You should cast bloodlust immediately, it will help everyone's DPS.


On to gear, the ring and necklace are not enchanted. There are generally better trinkets than the Micro Aberration for sub. Mythic Scales of Doom is something to shoot for. Weapons are definitely not optimal, but those can be hard to get. Haste is terrible for sub. Regemming for multistrike would be a small help.


Essential missing talents are Subterfuge in T1 and Shadow Reflection in T7. Shadow Focus is debatable for T1, but with the Glyph of Vanish "bug" Subterfuge is ahead. Nightstalker is not good for PvE.


Hopefully that helps some. I think with some small tweaks your rogue will see a lot of improvement.

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