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General use of Bloodlust/Heroism/etc.

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my guild prefers to use Heroism at unfavourable times of the fight.


Flamebender: 30 seconds after pull

Hans'gar and Franzok: First "Pulverized"

Blast Furnace, Kromog, Maidens: Pull


This really annoys me (and pretends us from killing the bosses without being overgeared), so I am asking you for reasons they may understand, because they do not consider my opinion as I am not the raidlead.


And when is Heroism generally used?


Greetings, AbC


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There is no 'general' use for Heroism - it always depends on a fight specific.


The basic division though would be into two possibilities:

1. When you raid is able to benefit from the full duration of Hero (40 sec without a need to handle special abilities - no running around, pressing things, stack in / stack out, etc) so you can use a dps potion, trinkets and weapon procs, press all your personal major CDs, Hero and burst. Many times it happens on pull because most of the bosses designed to give the raid about 30 sec. for the positioning and other stuff and then start to use their abilities, so you will not have another long window of opportunity for dps burst.

Examples in BRF HC: Gruul, Oregorger, Operator Thogar, Flamebender.


2. When your raid needs to handle some specific ability as fast as possible or to counter soft enrage that many bosses enter on 30 or 20% of HP. So it's sort of your Hero vs Boss Hero.

Examples in BRF HC for soft enrage in the end of the fight: the Blast Furnace on the last phase, Kromog after 30% when he enters Frenzy state, Iron Maidens after 20%, Beastlord after the beasts are dead.


With H&F is a bit tricky. Better to use Hero on the start because deeper in fight the raid will have to move frequently. But there are raids that use Hero on 55% of HP to deal faster with moving phase and those who use Hero in the end of the encounter because the raid is not able to handle both damage and moving.


Anyways, like Oltier already wrote, you can find the timings for Hero on every boss with explanations in our Raids section.

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In terms of the raid leader making these decisions - perhaps just privately ask why they use them at those points.


Have your arguments as to why they should do them at the time Icy Veins suggests (or your own thoughts with valid arguments with your particular raid composition).


You may find that getting players to use potions / cds at the points your raid leader currently uses heroism may be a way of compromising.  But best to get to the root of the reasons behind their decision.


Your raid leader SHOULD be open to ideas especially if you feel that it is hindering your progress!  (sorry I'm late to the party but hope that helps!)

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