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Hello guys

I'd like to get some help for my fellow shammy. He's been playing as resto since 5.4, using ele only for questing. He's read basic guide for dps rotation, but he cant seem to get past 30k, so it would be nice of you to analyze his logs and give some advice what could be done differently.

Here's his logs:

As for armory he's currently logged out with resto gear, in a couple of hours i'll ask him to switch to ele gear. However there's the link:

EDIT:Here's a snip of his armory as ele, just in case

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Looking at his Gruul performance, this tells the whole story I think: (select all the casts)


There many periods of inactivity. One is over 10 seconds. He needs to always be casting something, even if he's moving away after a petrifying smash (the biggest holes are due to this). The rule: instants on the move (even if it's just refreshing flame shock early) and hard casts as soon as you can stop moving.


This may be due to him losing track of what he should cast next and stop to think. This is easily solved with practice on dummies (without looking at your hands) and addons like weak auras to give visual indication of what is ready to use.

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INSANE periods of downtime aside, I see a few things:



No CL cast

No fire elemental cast

No storm elemental cast either, but no liquid magma too. Means he was using the shock talent

A single spiritwalker with that much downtime. Interestingly enough, the only time where he has tons of casts was when it was active. I think he might be panicking when it's down



Very little earthquake casts. No reason to not spam it P1, and no reason not to use a stack on CD on adds during P2


Beastlord and operator

Very few casts of EQ again. Should always switch to a CLforbuff --> near2stack EQ --> 19-20stack ES -->  CLnotforbuff priority list for aoe phases. You get crazy fulmination damage for your earthshock, so it's still not too bad for single target



Again, I see a good amount of casting only when spiritwalker has been cast.



Very little casts. You should never have to stop casting on gruul, unless you get petrified. You should always either cast a shock, or unleash flame (or refresh your totem) if he smashes toward you. He has 42 less casts than me, and the fight was about the same duration for us both


tl;dr I think your friend needs to work on nonstop casting. shammys have tons of instant cast spells, so much that it should never be an issue having to move in a fight. Unleash flame, flame shock, earthshock (actually two free instant casts with the 4set), proc'd lava burst and totems are all things you should be using in these situations

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Thank you for your input, I've forwarded this to him. I guess most of his problems comes from not being used to the spec/role.

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