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BM Multi target rotation problem

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Hello fellow hunters


I've got a question regarding the priorities on 3+ target fights. According to Azor's guide the priority is 1. Barrage, 2. MS, 3. KC, but my problem is that I have to use all the focus to keep Beast Cleave up and use Barrage on CD that I can't even get around to casting KC.


My whole rotation is basically reduced to Barrage -> MS -> 2x CS -> MS -> 2x CS etc. until Barrage comes off CD and the whole circle starts again. When should I weave KC in?


And when I'm in BW what's the minimum amount of targets I need to just cast MS instead of AS?


Thank you in advance for your help smile.png


Edit: Forgot to mention: I'm using Steady Focus

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Read the 2 target section and 3 target section.  BW doesn't change these priorities.


Eventually you will get to a point that you have just refreshed BC with MS and will have 60+ focus and Barrage isn't on cd, this is where you would use KC > CS > MS > continue.  This happens roughly every 5-6 cycles iirc.

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