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Hey fellow druids!


I've recently switched from healing to Boomkin and started off in BRF.

I'm pretty bad at tracking trinkets, weapons and general procs and I was wondering if anyone out there had:


a) Weakauras strings that would allow me to track trinket procs and starfall uptime (I'm not too used to looking at my buffs so something big and in the centre would be ace)


b) general tips for being a boomkin


I think I have the prio system down but any tips would be greatly appreciated 



Many thanks,


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Hi Sylvarna,

for english language clients:


Berserking (Troll-Racial)








Aspect of the Fox


Lunar Empowerment


Solar Empowerment


Howling Soul procc from Goren Soul Repository


Instability procc from Darmac's Unstable Talisman


Archmage's Greater Incandescence


Archmage's Incandescence




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Thanks for the response Bonita, this is aces! Exactly what I was looking for :D 


Thank-you so much for the help :) I'll be trying it out tonight :)

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