Beast Mastery Rotations Simplified

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Single Target Rotation[/size]
Hit Kill Command Before Barrage[/size]
Always keep up Steady Focus[/size]
Multi Target Rotation[/size]
Using Focus Fire, Beastial Wrath together before AOE does lots of Damage[/size]
Use Multi Shot Every four Seconds to get Beast Cleave[/size]
Use two Cobra Shots Every Ten Seconds to get Steady Focus Buff[/size]
Use Kill Command Every 6 seconds[/size]
Use Barrage Every 20 Seconds[/size]
Use Explosive Trap Every 30 Seconds[/size]
Just try to make it all work out.[/size]
Professional Tips:  [/size]

  • Use Arcane Shot to lose focus.  

  • Use Cobra shot to Gain Focus.

  • Kill Shot is really good.  Use it every time up.

  • Using Beastial Wrath before Kill Command is Good.
  • Always use Focus Fire before Beastial Wrath and Stampede


Orthios: Fixed that for you, what ever font you were using had a [ color ] tag in it that defaulted to 000000, which is black.  I don't know why the [ /size ] tag is in there.

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